How I became a Palmist

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How I became a Palmist

Post by Pravin Kumar » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:51 am

Dear Friends,

After seeing so many members wanting to learn Palmistry I am surprised to note that not one person wants to join me in Palm Reading of members palm which are posted in this Group? Unless you have the desire to succeed and you practise diligently the success will be limited and soon the knowledge may fade away too. The desire for this subject should be like a person stranded in a Dessert for Water for 3/4 days and only after that he gets Water. How will he feel. After you have studied the Chapters and practised and again rectified whatever mistatakes you have made you will not reach the 5th day and get the Sweet Water of Success.

When I was 15/16 I read the first book on Palmistry, book written by the Great Cheiro. Then I acquired only 2/3% knowledge i.e. just came to know about the lines only.

When I reached 18/19 my English Professor in Engineering College taught Palmistry in the Class and still the knowledge went up to 5% and not more.

In the meantime I never practised this palm reading and hence my knowledge remained stagnant deep inside my Brain.

Then when I reached 42 I was on a trip to Europe for Sightseeing alongwith 50 odd people consisting of Senior Citizens, Couples, boys and girls. I used this latent 5% knowledge of Palmistry to jokingly pull their legs by showing them I am expert in this field. During this period I saw palms of a boy and a girl of age 16 and 17 respectively and dimly I thought it was something very dangerous for the boy and also for the girl. I wanted to be very sure of this line which I remembered clearly. I had the addresses of both the families of boy and the girl. When I returned back to India I again started my sincere reading of Palmistry Books and I started with Cheiro. To tell you the truth whatever I read from people's palms I said with confidence and often made mistakes and so many of those whose palm I read nodded with my reading either praising me or probably believed in me because of my Self Confidence in myself. There were critics too and they critisiced bitterly.

Then someone told me about this Benham's Book on Palmistry and I sincerely tried reading it. I was stuck in the desert for 4/5 days and now was hopeful of success. I finished this whole book reading it as a Crime Thriller Book and started reading palms by the dozens initially and subsequently the number of palms I read daily went up to 100. I would read palms in the trains, airports, bus stands etc. etc. while travelling and whenever in doubt or whenever I made a mistake I would consult the book again to rectify the mistake. This is practise and now I started tasting the Sweet Water of Success after being thirsty for 4/5 Days in a Dessert.

It is therefore I say practise, practise, practise and practise. You may never get 100% success. Nobody gets that much of success. Not the best palmist in the world will get that much of success. What is required is by the knowledge you gain you must be able to guide others through difficult times. Nobody wants to know the bad times and you have to dilute the most tragic readings too and give good advise if you know how to give otherwise keep quite in advise matters.

Even Cheiro had made mistakes in reading the palm and we shall also make mistakes but when you understand the above subject broadly it is sufficient to give you far reaching success. In the process of hand reading you may meet many gullibles and critics. In the frist Chapter of Benham's Book on Palmistry various types of people are shown as to how they walk holding the hand by their side. Just by observing your client you can gauge him just by his walk and read accordingly. For critics you have to give absolute truth and nothing else. Do not beat about the bush. For gullibles please be sure to give him a reading which will not lead him astray but bring him to the right path.

By the knowledge of this science and utilising it to benefit Mankind you are again doing a good service to Humanity and Deep in your Conscious you will be pleased by yourself when you realise that so many people have benefited from your reading.

You can be sure of one thing. The maximum persons coming to you for reading will be women -- Gullibles. Very few of them are critics. Just treat them as your Sister, Mother or Daughter and take special care to read their hands and give sound advise. We -- Men -- won't to give them correct guidance so that by their happiness we men too will get comfort and caring in our own home from our Mother, Sisters, Daughters and Wife.

Now always do a reading with complete Self Confidence and does not matter if you make mistakes. The great Palmist Noel Jacquin has written how he read the first hand and made a fool of himself and the remark that lady made. But that did not prevent him from taking interest in the subject and soon he became a great Palmist of the last Century.

Pravin Kumar

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