a couple questions for clarification

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a couple questions for clarification

Post by lylakpetals » Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:44 am

Intro:I have a couple chance lines on my hands, and want some tips on reading them.  Also, this will help me judge chance line on other people's hands.  Usually when a line merges with another line, it supports it, and when it crosses the line, it hurts the energy the line represents.  

What does it mean if lines curve?  The intuition line is one example of a curving line, and it stands for keeness and perception, since it's near the mercury line location.

Question 1:) I have a line that curves in the other direction and  cuts my life and fate line:  Image  I'm not quite sure what this means?  Although, I saw it on another person's hand, and confirmed that it indicates a person using the family or something along those lines to achieve career sucess, but the family ends up hindering the growth of the subject?  I'd like your opinions on what the line may mean as well.

Question 2:)  Also, I read that it is bad for the mercury line to touch or cross the life line.  Why is this so?  

Question 3:)  What does a broken via lasciva line indicate?  The book said that the line stands for desires for pleasure and lascivousness.  Maybe if the line is broken, that may be a good thing, because it means the desire for pleasure is on and off, and the person exercises some discipline and restraint?  What are your opinions on this?

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