question relating to hair on hands

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question relating to hair on hands

Post by tweety121 » Thu May 14, 2009 6:13 am

hi i am 20 year old, male. I have observed that hair have started to grow on my hands very fast for past few months. I have had strong physique for a long time but this hair-growth has been in past few months......does this signify any other change in me??

Pravin Kumar
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Hair growth on palm

Post by Pravin Kumar » Sat May 23, 2009 7:45 am

Dear Friend,

Hair grows on the reverse of palm and it grows when you too grow. EG. young children do have hair on the reverse of palm but very small hair, hardly noticeable. But as one grows up the hair grows and in some persons the growth is more than others. The only significance of hair growth in palmistry terms is the colour of the hair, smoothness or roughness of the hair and the quantum of the hair.

Red Colour indicates too much of fiery energy. Black hair indicates the iron contents in the body and this iron gives the hair black colour. Grey and White colour of hair will show diminishing energy of the person as the iron contents grow less and less.

Roughness of the hair will indicate the similar type of nature. Smoothness will indicate smooth nature. The smoother the hair the refined energy is indicated in everything including sex. Rougher the hair again unrefined energy or say animal like energy in all matters including sex. Black Hair also shows that a man is virile. Women have much less hair on the reverse of the palm as women are generally refined.

Pravin Kumar

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