Maybe a Spirit in My Home

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Maybe a Spirit in My Home

Post by chloemo67 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:16 am

Hi, I've been living in my apartment for over four years now and ever since I moved here a few strange things have occurred. The thing that happens the most is the residual smell of cigarette smoke. before my daughter came to stay, I seemed to be the only one experiencing it. Then my daughter came and she claims to have smelled it to. First of all, we don't allow smoking in the house, but when the smell does occur, none of the smokers are around and there is no one out side.

Another thing that happened, was when my blender got broken. I was sitting watching TV, then all the sudden I heard a crash, and then from where I was sitting, I saw my blender sliding across the floor. I got up to see what happened and I noticed that my slow cooker, which was sitting right next to the blender, had scooted over almost 2 inches from where it normally sat. I investigated the possibility that it was just a coincidence, but the blender should have never moved, because when I put it back on the microwave and then tried to move it around, the suction cups on the bottom did not allow it to move very easily. So then I changed my mind that it was a coincidence and thought there must be something more.

One more thing that happens is, something will come up missing and you can't find it for days, then you'll find it sitting just where you left it last.

Anyway, one day last year, before the blender incident; I asked a neighbor who had lived here for quite some time, who lived in my apartment before I did. She asked me why, so I told her about the cigarette smoke. Then she told me about an old black man that accidentally killed himself when he fell asleep in his bedroom with a cigarette in his mouth. His room, which is now mine, caught on fire and he died of smoke inhalation.

Could all this explain why I feel as if someone is watching me? I especially feel it when I am trying to fall asleep and when I am alone.


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Post by spiritalk » Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:57 pm

The old gentlemen died so suddenly, he is probably still around.  This is stuck spirit and they get annoyed that no one is paying any attention to them, so they disturb things.  

As you spoke of the kitchen appliances, I feel there was a lady that used to come and cook for the resident of that apartment.  When the lady died, the resident was angry and never used the appliances again.  I feel this could apply to the same person you have found to have lived there.  

When you notice anything unusual, sit quiet and in your mind have a conversation.  Tell them to turn around to the light, there is so much more waiting.  Also claim the space for yourself and any family that lives there.  This can be done as a ritual or just a mental conversation that tells them to find their own light and leave your apartment to you.
God bless, J

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