Dog + Chase + Spirit (seen in real life)

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Dog + Chase + Spirit (seen in real life)

Post by angelleeca » Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:47 am

A while ago I started to see this black figure in my house. Strange sights and all that have always been common in my house but this being is new.
My boyfriend said he saw something like this about a month ago at his house; I went to his house to visit him and wanted to see this spirit. (Kind of) Then 2 weeks or so later I start seeing a spirit at my house, then a few weeks ago in my Dream.

The dream starts out with me at school, and then I end up going to a friend’s house. There I leave my cell phone. I go home realize its left there, freak out because I know my boyfriend is going to call me early the next morning (so far the dream has played out as if it were yesterday, yesterday (real life) my BF said he was going to call me early that morning)
In the dream I finally get my phone back, call him to tell him I’m sorry. As I'm talking to him I'm walking to his house. There he warns me that the dogs could have rabies. So I try to open the door to the inside of his house, then a dog comes running at me, I try to get in the house as fast as I can. I do manage to get inside the house but the dog knocks the door open. Then I am Chased through the house by the dog. Every time I reach a door I try to shut it but he's to close so I can't. Finally the "man of the house" is able to grab the dog, all the while the dog is trying to bite me, and he’s going for my ankles. The "man of the house" even says, "going for her ankles huh, she does have some nice legs."
The dog struggles and ends up breaking his back legs at the knee so he can't move, though he still tries to bite me. I make it in to the kitchen and shut the door. I can see through the window on the door where I see the "man of the house" and his son about to kill the dog (cutting its head off). I plug my ears and walk around the kitchen going, "lalala". I turn around and through another door I see a Spirit. I freaked out and  I woke up. After I woke up I was scared & worried, because I have seen this same spirit in real life. The 'funny' thing is though that night I said "if you want to talk to me do it in my dream, I don't freak out in my dreams" ((which is a lie I freaked out))

Now the odd thing about this is I got so freaked out by this dream and seeing the spirit everywere and feeling things, I told it to go away. That I no longer wanted the ability to see and feel things. And ever since then I haven't seen it or anything, I also haven't felt anything.
I do have to say I miss it, but this was a bit much for me. I was always looking over my should because I felt uncomfortable.

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Post by spiritalk » Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:54 pm

You are an open channel - you allowed this spirit entity to follow you home and become your annoyance.  Learning to open and also to close following spirit work keeps them at bay during other activities, including our dreams.  

During a communication you asked for it - you allowed them to visit in your dreams saying you wouldn't freak out - then you did.  This invitation was issued and must be withdrawn to gain your own peace of mind.

The fact is as an open channel you have welcomed all and sundry to enter your consciousness (I liken it to leaving your front door open and inviting all and sundry including a thief to enter).  Your personal energies are being used for all this activity and there is no rest until you take charge and do something about it.  E-mail me to discuss it if you are interested.
God bless, J

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