***THE KEY*** How to Interpret all Astrology Charts.

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***THE KEY*** How to Interpret all Astrology Charts.

Post by Youdah » Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:02 am

I think it's time that I give you the KEY to interpreting all charts!   :smt008

In this class, I've emphasized the idea of "blending."  In this class, I've been trying to train your mind to combine seemingly opposing, and sometimes harmonious, things together to get an interpretation.  

Then, I've kept adding more and more factors with each lesson...not just signs, houses, and planets, but elements, aspects, hemispheres, qualities, rulerships, transits, exaltation, etc.  And, again, I said "blend" all that together!  :smt003  

If you learn nothing else from this class, please learn what I've been trying to do: train your mind to work in a way that it's never worked before.  If you never do an astrology chart again, this is a skill that will benefit you all through your life in an incredible number of situations and ways.  This skill is all you need to know to interpret anything.  You can 'look-up' the meaning of something if you forget, or don't know.  Yet, being able to combine and use that information, is the key.

Of course this skill, that I'm trying to teach you foremost, feels difficult and foreign!  This is brain "muscles" that most people don't use very often.  The human brain doesn't build "neural pathways" until it needs it.  So, you are quite literally, physiologically, growing and building new brain tissue.  Human Biology 101.  That's why it feels so difficult.  It won't remain so difficult as your brain "grows."

So why am I hammering on this through the entire class?  Why do I keep hammering on this idea of "blending" (that you may be getting tired of hearing about!)   :)  Because if you get stuck reading "cookbook" astrology books that spit out an interpretation for you, then you will never be an astrologer, even a beginner astrologer.  There are literally an infinite (well almost) number of possible interpretations; because for each new factor added, it increases the possible interpretations exponentially.  

No book, internet website, or computer will ever be able to spit out a valid and entirely accurate interpretation...the task is too overwhelming.  And if you can't "blend" things together, in your mind, then you simply will never  find in print, or on the internet, or be able to program a computer, for an interpretation of all possibilities for the unique combination that you are trying to interpret.

You will never know all there is to know about astrology.  It is impossible.  New information is being found yearly about our universe.  Astrologers are doing studies all over the world, and publishing astounding interpretations about combinations, configurations, and effects that have never been seen before by anyone in thousands of years of astrologers watching the heavens and how astrology affects our lives.  Like the universe it represents, astrology is infinite.  You will never learn it all.

As soulsearch discovered this week, there can be an overwhelming number of factors involved in "reading" even a simple question.  Soulsearch, I hope you will forgive me for giving you a task without explaining entirely how to do it.  Part of training your mind is to also learn how to quickly discard factors that are irrelevant (or so very weak factors that make them nearly irrelevant).  This comes with experience.  And, it also comes with weighing the importance of that factor based on all the things we've talked about so far.

Hang in there!  You're just exercising a muscle that hasn't been used before, and coaxing your brain to get bigger.  This is why all astrologers "get a big head."  (If you'll excuse the pun).  It gets much easier, once you get the hang of this skill.  I promise!  :)

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Post by soulsearch » Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:31 am

I do agree blending becomes very difficult especially when so many factors are involved.The task you have given I am working on it to see how it befits.. actually ( add in the index cards..they are really tough to compile :))

and honestly thank you for taking the time to explain things.


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Post by Madhavacharya » Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:41 pm

YOUDHA an astrology reader is inborn teacher also.He has very rightly caught the nerve to mold the pupil as independent thinker. To do the justice to this teaching,student should master all principles of HOUSE,SIGN & STARS.

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