LESSON 3.6 ASPECTS, Good and Bad Aspects

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LESSON 3.6 ASPECTS, Good and Bad Aspects

Post by Youdah » Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:00 am

There is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" aspect.  Some aspects are called "hard" aspects (squares and oppositions) and others are called "soft" aspects (trines, sextiles, inconjuncts).  Yet, even calling them a hard or soft aspect is a little misleading, because these names for types of aspects imply that something "good" or "bad" is going to happen.  That isn't always true.

Think of any of the aspects as just energy flowing.  Energy is not good or bad, hard or soft.  It's just energy.  It just is.  The aspects only describe how the energy is behaving.

A metaphor might be water flowing through a pipe.  If water is trying to flow in two different directions at once, there is going to be a lot of turbulence, alot of force and power generated.  This is an opposition.

If the water had to make a gentle 60-degree turn in its passage through the pipe, there would be an easy flow of water.  This is a sextile.

If the water had to make a 120-degree turn while it flows through the pipe, it would flow easily and gently.  This is a trine.

If the water had to make a 90-degree turn, and water was flowing in all the directions at once, again there would be a lot of turbulence.  This is a square.

If the water was flowing along, and suddenly there was two places to turn, some water going one way, and the rest of the water going the other way, then the water would slow down, lose energy, and perhaps too much water would go one way and not enough water the other way.  This is an inconjunct.

I have posted a little graphic that I made trying to illustrate the idea of energy flowing through all the different aspects.  In the graphic I have used red and blue "energy" to show how/where this energy flows in the different kinds of aspects.


So, back to the "good" and "bad" or "hard" and "soft" names given to aspects.  As long as you can control the flow of energy, prepare ways to reduce the turbulence, use up all the excess energy created with squares and oppositions, then they are not "bad" or "hard."  They become simply a way to increase energy, like a water-base power plant.  More energy can be a very desirable thing to have.  It is the preparation, and using the energy so it doesn't create havoc and turbulence that keeps the squares and oppositions from being just out-of-control or "bad."

Where "hard" aspects cause the so-called difficult things to happen in a life, it is from a lack of understanding of how to handle this energy, and a failure to "prepare" or grow in such a way to eliminate any "turbulence" in the life.

Similarly, if you have a lot of hard work to do, a trine (a so-called "good" or "soft" aspect) is going to make your work a lot harder because you won't have the physical energy to get the job done...just like not giving your car enough gasoline to get where you're going.  

So, please eliminate from your minds the idea of "good" or "bad" aspects.  Instead, see what kinds of energy needs to be "blended" together, so that each is balanced and integrated, then there will be no (or minimal) "bad" effects from the "hard aspects."  

"Soft" aspects can give good days to rest, or relax, or have a difficult talk with your boss, or ect..  In other words, the "soft" aspects can be used to tone-down potentially difficult conflicts...or they can pass with no effort from you, and be wasted...because "soft" aspects have such smooth flowing energy that they often pass by without being used at all...

If you use descriptive words for aspects such as "hard" or "soft" please do not always equate that with "good" and "bad."  If you have some chemistry background, you might understand the concepts of a positively and negatively charged particle.  The particle is not good or bad, only the negatively or positively "charge" describes its behavior.  A positive charge would cause it to seek another particle to bind with, or repelling particles if it had a negative charge.  If you can understand this concept, then you will understand why "hard" and "soft" aspects only describe their behavior, and it is not a value judgment...

When you are ready, please continue on to the next section:

http://mysticboard.org/vi ... 121#221121

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Post by soulsearch » Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:20 am

This is so very interesting ! I am going to take time on this and see on the few charts I have.


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Post by soulsearch » Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:39 am

Thank you this was really stimulating. Few questions but when the chart is discussed :)


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Post by astrologer50 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:59 pm

why you re talking about void of course moon in  basic astrology is too much for beginning....

unaspected maybe, yods sure. Still feel these things should have been left til last after learning ALL the planetary meanings, positions etc.....

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