Quincunx signs, why there incompatible

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Quincunx signs, why there incompatible

Post by astrologer50 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:42 pm

Aries quincunx signs Scorpio and Virgo
http://mysticboard.org/vi ... hp?t=57617

quincunx signs; Taurus quincunx signs are Sagittarius and Libra
http://mysticboard.org/vi ... hp?t=57616

quncunx signs ; Gemini quincunx are Capricorn and Scorpio
http://mysticboard.org/vi ... hp?t=57615

quincunx signs; Cancer quincunx Aquarius and Sagittarius
http://mysticboard.org/vi ... hp?t=57614

quincunx signs; Leo quincunx Pisces and Capricorn
http://mysticboard.org/vi ... hp?t=57613


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