Understanding the Quadrants

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Understanding the Quadrants

Post by astrologer50 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:47 pm


1st Quadrant   Begins at the 1st house cusp going ¬counter clockwise and ends at the 4th house.

This person is quite self motivated and concerned with highly personal, subjective interests.  It stimulates an individual's awareness of his deeper identity.  They tend to be intent upon managing their own lives, which constructively could suggest self reliance and self assurance. Yet if this person cannot find effective ways of resolving personal conflicts that keep them at war with themselves, self management can be DIFFICULT TO ATTAIN.

Note that the initiating element of the 1st quadrant is FIRE and that the absent element is water.

A majority of planets found here could denote much self concern, or one with a strong sense of "I am."   If such planets are very much under stress aspects, the potential for self centeredness increases.  Constructively, this quadrant could also reveal the self made individual whose intent, personal focus and effort enables them to succeed in their endeavours in a vitally independent manner.

2nd Quadrant   Begins at the 4th house cusp going ¬counter clockwise and ends at the 7th.
Inner security remains an important need and this quadrant still centres upon experiences more personal to and internalised by the individual.

The 2nd quadrant type is prone to want response from others and cannot live in a vacuum. Their sensitivity towards people helps them understand their own inner being with greater depth.

Note the absent element is AIR as this is a WATER quadrant. This person operates by sensing the mood and underlying substance of any environmental condition.  This individual can be highly sensitive to the inner, less obvious nature of others. The emotional impact of social interaction is a vividly felt reality for this person.  This person tends to be more psychologically dependent upon others in their search for self meaning.  
They feel the needs of close association with others to give them a sense of personal purpose in life.  Because this quadrant is both water motivated and below the horizon, it suggest an ability to tune into facets of a relationship that are not exposed or realised on the surface.... or that may be still in the form of undeveloped potential.  This can result in the heightened perception of interpersonal needs. It gives the individual the capacity to view unions from a less superficial standpoint.

The lack of AIR in this quadrant (Air is the natural element of social involvement and mental objectivity). This suggests a person who is more ruled by the heart than the head. Human warmth, closeness and the sharing of deeper needs are more ¬important for the individual's basic growth than are a ¬comprehension of abstract ideals or personal freedom of expression.

3rd Quadrant   Begins at the 7th house cusp going ¬counter clockwise and ends at the 10th.
This quadrant requires shared experiences with others, plus adjustments and compromises made for the greater purpose of any union, and not just for self fulfillment. This individual is likely to express an open interest in the worldly affairs of life that benefit the growth and development of others. Relationships in their more broadened sense attract their attention.

However, since this incorporates the 8th house, inner transformation of values is necessary for growth. This will normally come about through interior struggle in coping with the demands of the social pace one has set into motion for themselves.  In general, the individual can attract much public attention to themselves in regard to their external efforts and activities.

Note the missing element is EARTH. The initiating element of this quadrant is AIR   air is the element that denotes a clear social perspective and the ability to formulate broad minded, although abstract, plans for ideal collective progress.  

Thus a majority of planets here (especially the air planets, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus) describe one who wants to move about in their community and become more consciously aware of the variety of interchanges happening around them.  
They may be especially drawn towards joint efforts, collective ventures, and compromising alliances... and is often the "voice of the people" type of personality.  Their destiny in life is almost totally in the hands of the public. They can be chosen to fulfil their needs and almost become their personal property to some extent.  

The only element not represented here is EARTH. This is the natural element of form, structure, consolidation, and practical reality. Its lack here implies a need to approach social ideals form a more down to earth, workable level.    This quadrant is better suited for one who likes to deal with immediate problems calling for quick response rather than those social matters requiring careful, long range planning.

4th Quadrant   Begins at the 10th house cusp and ends at the 1st going counter clockwise.
This quadrant emphasis is involved and focused back on self determination and concern about personal control and direction over life affairs. Yet even when supporting important social causes or collective ideals, the individual is still able to keep his personal identity intact.

Note that the initiating element is EARTH and the absent element is FIRE.  Earth element is interested in productivity and desires lasting security. It wants to realise in concrete terms its efforts and is drive to build and preserve organisational frameworks in society that are durable and workable enough to last the test of time.  

Thus a majority of planets located here (and especially the earth planet Saturn) can denote an individual who wants to ground themselves securely in the larger affairs of the world through self initiated efforts that influence the welfare of the masses.  They can on occasion be somewhat detached from public opinion concerning their activities and does not need the degree of approval and acceptance from others typical of the 3rd quadrant type.  

They can be a tower of strength or a stabilising force for many, even though they are not personally influenced by them.  This person on occasion may seek to impose their demands upon others for the sake of some ideal cause, expecting them to help them fulfil their impersonal interests upon a large range of influence without altering their plans or taking partial control over them.

The only element not represented in this quadrant is FIRE. Although motivated by essentially personal impulses and needs, the individual paradoxically expresses the lack of fire through his inability to view themselves as just another separate entity with their own exclusive approach towards the world.  

In other words, they may regard their own needs and desires as basically those of everyone else.  They are able to initiate activities for others and are inclined to direct such affairs, but only shows a dynamic interest in making such an effort as long as their actions are given momentum by the collective support of others.  Their own self will is harder for them to recognise, since they often act on the behalf of others, in a seemingly unselfish, humane  manner.

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