Chart ruler=Asc ruler which house is yours in??

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Chart ruler=Asc ruler which house is yours in??

Post by astrologer50 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:48 pm


Planets in a house hold a certain promise (in one way or another), but it is the house cusp ruler that decides how the promise is realised.  It always indicates the direction taken by the things promised by a planet, although it cannot cancel them. The worst it can do is to weaken or hamper them.

1. The chart ruler here, would suggest a person very ¬self motivated in what they do and in what they refrain from doing, and can be impulsive. Often just blurt things out and rush in where angels fear to tread. Primarily interested in themselves and in there own impulses and sudden desires. They appear rather egotistical at times. The approach the outside world  and reaction to stimuli, can mean that they look for attention and reassurance in the world around them either through their bearing, gestures, and behaviour   attention seeking, (eg: in their style of clothing). They will have a certain amount of ambition. The attitude is mostly one in which they see themselves engaged in lively competition with the environment.  This is a role in which can be very stimulating to those around them, but also very tiresome, because they rarely stop to think whether their impulsive desires and actions happen to come at the right moment. There is something boisterous and inconsiderate about this placement.

2. The chart ruler here, would suggest a desire for security, both in the figurative sense of having firm ground under their feet, and in the literal one of becoming well established in material things   "A love of money." They may like to collect material things in order to gain a sense of stability, or to do something creative (not seldom artistic) with materials  (in bricks and mortar, ie; houses, property, etc)   ¬anything from knitting to sculpture, pottery, jewelry (especially gold). Possessions would increase their sense of self worth and they would value anything of beauty but also anything of practical value especially !

3. The chart ruler here, would suggest they would feel happy when they can chat with people naturally, indulge in give and take, or pursue some hobby or profession with a 3rd house flavour. Another possibility is a fondness for keeping in touch with brothers, sisters and / or friendly neighbours. They might well be attracted to such things a journalism, writing, teaching or learning, making short journeys, reading books, and will like talking about these topics. They would also enjoy clever conversation and jokes and would possess commercial acumen and selling abilities.  There is a danger of superficiality and blowing with every wind. However, with this connection, they can keep talks going under all kinds of circumstances, or can get them started again, and this can do a great deal of good in the social sphere.

4. The chart ruler here, would suggest that personal activity and self manifestation is concentrated on our emotional basis, on emotional exchange with the environment, on the home and domestic circumstances, and on caring and cherishing. They like being at home, as likely as not, use there home as there base of operations.

Often they find a need, wherever they are to create a snug, homely atmosphere or situation   in the office, even at a holiday resort. Generally there is a strong link with one or both parents and the strongly charged emotions involved can be either pleasant or unpleasant. This connection represents the desire to experience one's roots emotionally.

5. The chart ruler here, would suggest their activities are concentrated on the areas of pleasure, sport, games, creativity and self affirmation. Also the professional hobbyist. Behaviour towards the outside world is a means of finding self affirmation, of fulfilling their ambitions, a desire for leadership, and a central position, then there is generally an overemphasis on the ego   more often then not, they possess leadership qualities and the sort of poise that impresses children. Also a love for and a playfulness with children, plus a natural gift for keeping them in order. The pleasure   element can vary from a great fondness for (amorous) escapades, frequent visits to discos and similar entertainments, to dedication to a very serious hobby from which a great deal of pleasure is derived. Creative expression will be strong   anything from chasing compliments to artistic ¬creativity.

6. The chart ruler here, would manifest on personal activities concentrated on the need to analyse and systematise in order to be able to give everything a more useful and effective function in the great wheel work of life. Often likely to occupy ourselves with practical, concrete matters, and usually have  a ¬well developed eye for forms, relationships and details.  This can lead to neatness and orderliness in external things. If not displayed externally they will keep everything nice and tidy inside their heads. They all seem to be very systematic, orderly, and even fussy in their own way. Often feeling compelled to work, to do things for the community or to make themselves useful one way or another. This can lead to subordinate jobs, in the health service, or possibly in the armed forces. They look for things with a critical eye, and are inclined to put themselves and others under the magnifying glass for a careful examination. Too often they are quick to notice the little mannerisms of others !

7. The chart ruler here, suggests their activities are ¬concentrated on the sphere of life with their opposite number (especially a life partner or close friend).  In practice, this comes near to letting the partner lay the law down on how we behave in the outside world. We attach a great importance to what they think and do.  They cannot help referring everything to their partner for a direct or indirect decision, and they can let the partner become involved in all their affairs. This connection gives them the ability to reach acceptable compromises and to create balance in all kinds of relationships.   7 Cont/...The disadvantage of this position is the doubt that can arise, on the question of whether or not to choose a partner in preference to living alone: especially when independence is strongly indicated elsewhere in the chart.

8. The chart ruler here, suggests a person in which digging and burrowing in the widest sense are the main modes of operation. Thus they may delve into ourselves and others (psychology), into hidden realms of the mind and spirit (para psychology), or into the mysteries of matter (for example, in experimental science); they may go deep sea diving, study archeology, or probe into matters of life and death as in surgery, pathology, undertaking or detective work; also interests in occultism.  

These people are always inclined to look into the motives underlying actions of others and themselves. There will be a certain reserve, ¬secretiveness, and delving and research findings may have to be brooded over or assimilated before they will show there hand. They make find strategists. They have strong defense mechanisms, caution, sometimes a penchant for "playing at hide and seek," the mysteriousness. Generally, although they would not admit it at any price, they might well feel unsure in their contacts with the outside world and sometimes may find it hard to decide whether they should do a thing or not.

9. The chart ruler here, suggests a need to expand and widen horizons, both literally and metaphorically; that is, either by travel and going abroad or by study and forming opinions. The 9th house always gives a sense of justice, and often they feel drawn to affairs in which wise and just decisions are taken in the promotion of a good cause. Idealism and dreams of the future are prominent features of the 9th house. The desire for freedom is very great and they need to lead a life that does not seem to enmesh them in rules and regulations. Academic study and/or a life that is lived on the go attitude prevails.

Maybe a penchant with interests including TV quiz shows or educational programs, or even scientific ones, or they may spend more than average on holidays and the like. What is more they are likely to form their own opinions and trust in their own judgment, and are always liable to speak their minds! Being inclined to follow their own opinion once formed, their concern would not be to cling to that   but to put them to the test and to improve on them !

10. The chart ruler here, suggests people with a very great desire for recognition within the established order, either in the community as a whole or in some subculture.  They are ambitious to obtain a prominent position, but a clear cut position that fits their ego image is also acceptable. They want to have a certain amount of power, authority and structure. Enjoyment in creating rules and regulations for others which they too must observe. Generally they have a great sense of responsibility and prefer to express it in their profession and in daily life. Egotism frequently shows itself with this position, although this need not take a negative form. A certain social position, preferably influential or at least one that would give a certain amount of recognition. Categories might be a soloist, both in the arts and in professional life or in "high flying" circles, can be found here.

11. The chart ruler here, suggests activities that involves sharing the company of people with similar views and a similar disposition to their own. They have a great need to be on the same wavelength as others, so as to exchange ideas with them and can share all sorts of activity with them. We are eager to belong to their circle and are interested in everything that goes on in it. The houses represent qualities NOT quantities.

These people are very much involved in the ups and downs in the lives of those we care about, and that they are able to develop side by side with them. A certain humaneness also belongs to this position. The 11th house is not all friendships and parties   it contains the basic premise of the equality of all human beings, and there would be readiness to proclaim this truth in the community somewhere along the line.

12. The chart ruler here, suggests activities are concentrated and the experience of unity, quietness and isolation, the ¬collective unconscious, but also hidden fears and escapism. In practice, this means that we are somewhat reserved, even shy, towards others; very often due to a much greater sensitivity and vulnerability than they are able to realise. They may feel vaguely uneasy about stepping into the limelight. Usually they have no problems about being left in peace and quiet on their own; in fact they regularly seek this in order to "recharge their batteries."  Their vulnerability toward their environment often results in their being over influenced by it; but then a short period on their own will often correct this effect.  

They should be aware of being too easily manipulated, especially by people who try to play on our emotions. Outlets for their sensitivity can be in work and hobbies to do with 12th house matters such as intuition, empathy, dreams, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, religious or welfare work, and so on.  Their strongly developed intuition can guide them in the sense of learning to guess the needs of others, but always preferring to remain in the background.

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