Planets conjunct Ascendant, how the play out....

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Planets conjunct Ascendant, how the play out....

Post by astrologer50 » Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:51 pm


1. Planets which are in the first house have a strong influence on the subject's life and personality. If there is only one planet in this house or close to the ascendant, it will be strongly emphasised.  If there is a group of planets, then the first house, and the sign which it occupies, will be stressed. The same could be said for planets in the twelfth house if they are close to the ascendant, except for the Sun which is a little dim in this house.

2. The planet nearest to the ascendant is called the rising planet. If there is nothing in the first house, but a planet is situation in the twelfth house very close to the ascendant then that planet could be termed a rising planet. Please note that in this case the planet would have to be very close to the ascendant; for instance, no more than a degree or two away from it.

3. A planet which is in conjunction with the ascendant is vitally important, both in its effect on the personality, and in its effects on the subject's life. In some cases, a rising planet can be almost as important as the Sun in a birth chart.

If you know that you have a planet close to the ascendant, read the following information and see whether you agree that it influences your life strongly or not.

Sun conjunct Ascendant
Assuming that the Sun and the ascendant are in the same sign, (eg. Sun in Libra, Libra rising), that sign would be come an ultra important factor on the chart.  If the Sun and ascendant were in adjoining signs (eg. Sun in Libra, Virgo rising), both signs would be emphasised, but not as much as if only one sign was involved.  Transits and progression over that part of the chart would be exceptionally noticeable.  Assuming that the two factors were in the same sign, there would be no need for the ascendant to act as a shield to the personality.  This ¬pre supposes a confident, outgoing, well integrated person whose childhood experiences were encouraging.

If the sign involved were a difficult one (Virgo, Capricorn or Gemini for instance), the childhood might have been hard, but the subject would have the inner strength to rise above the problems and could achieve a good deal of success in spite of them   or maybe because of them.

The subject who has the Sun and Ascendant in conjunction has a powerful personality and a strong need to express himself in ¬day to day life. He puts his own personal stamp on everything he does and he cannot live or work in a subservient position.  He (or she) is strong and healthy, with good powers of recovery from illness. There may be problems in connection with his back or heart, but he would be able to overcome them more successfully than many others.

His ego is involved in all that he does and any new beginnings will be initiated by himself, rather than by others.  If he finds himself in the hands of fate (or in the hands of other people) he turns the situation to his own advantage as quickly as possible.

This subject will have a sunny personality. He will be arrogant and difficult to deal with until he learns to restrain himself and re channel his powerful energies. In an otherwise introverted or other worldly chart this Sun placement injects energy, dynamism, cheerful optimism and self centred-ness.

Moon conjunct Ascendant
The Moon represents the emotions and reactions, therefore this placement denotes a sensitive and vulnerable nature. The feelings are close to the surface and are easily brought into play. The subject reacts in an intensely personal way to every stimulus and he links in easily to the feelings of others. The  ideas, experiences and emotions of the mother will have a profound effect, and the subject will remain close to her, perhaps ¬remaining involved in her life and her work for many years. It is even possible that the subject can remember the things which happed to his mother (and to him) before he was born. Childhood experiences and early training remain in the subject's unconscious mind throughout his life.

There is  a strong need to create a home and family as well as to look after others by working in one of the caring professions. The subject may wish to protect the environment, preserve places, buildings and objects from the past, and also to create a better, kinder and safer future for mankind. Psychic ability is almost always present with this placement; there may even be vestigial memories of previous lives. All forms of intuition will be well developed.

The subject may be drawn to  a career in travel, especially sea travel. Alternatively, he may wish to run a  small business for himself. He is interested in history and tradition, and may try to revive traditional crafts or to collect find things from the past.

He will be able to retreat from the rat race from time to time, in order to calm himself and recharge his emotional batteries. Oddly enough, the Moon is associated with work in the public eye, or for public good, so he may become a well known "personality."

Being sensitive, he can become depressed or downhearted and may absorb the unhappiness of others. He must take care because this kind of "psychic absorption" can make him ill.  In a notably macho or materialistic chart, this Moon placement lends introspection and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant
Mercury in concerned with communications and the mentality, therefore these subjects may be highly intelligent or merely bright; active and street wise. He will choose to work in a job which is directly involved with communications.

This subject is a logical thinker and an active worker. He may switch off from time to time, to allow his mind to relax. He is dutiful towards his parents and his family. He feels happy is his work is appreciate and miserable if it is not. This type of subject is restless, easily bored, interesting to listen to, humorous and sometimes very sarcastic.  He suffers from nervous ailments when placed under pressure. In a stodgy or ¬over practical chart, this Mercury placement would add quickness of mind, curiosity and restlessness.

Venus conjunct Ascendant
This confers good looks and a pleasant social manner. The subject may have a good singing voice, but even if this is not the case, he will as least have a very pleasant speaking voice. This placement of Venus adds refinement and a dislike of anything which is  ugly, dirty or vulgar.  This person may take a job in a field where he can create beauty in some way, for example as a gardener, furniture designer, hairdresser or dancer. If he doesn't get the opportunity to express his delight in creating beauty through work, he will take up an artistic or attractive hobby. The subject may be a good arbitrator, with a natural desire to create harmony and understanding all around him. He uses his attractive personality to help him in his day to day work.

This subject is materialistic. He enjoys making money and ¬spending it on attractive and valuable goods. He is also concerned about values, both in terms of getting value for money and also in terms of personal values and priorities. He is unwilling to sacrifice anything which he values for the sake of others. Venus on the ascendant can add placidity and pleasantness to an otherwise forceful, dynamic or neurotic chart.

Mars conjunct Ascendant
This adds impulsiveness, enterprise and courage to the character. The subject has a strong will and a fierce temper. This ¬"tough guy" type can make things happen where other less ¬courageous souls would prefer to run away and hide. This aggressive person stands out in a crowd, dominating and possibly bullying those around him.

His influence extends to any sphere in which he becomes involved, and he can become a highly successful, fast moving achiever. He is best suited for a position of leadership or, if he is too difficult for others to work under, as a self employed ¬entrepreneur.  If the rest of the chart endows sympathy, ¬co operation and diplomacy, he can readily reach the top. In an otherwise timid, stodgy or lazy chart, this can add enterprise, enthusiasm, energy and will power.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant
This adds joviality to the personality because the influence of this planet is cheerful, broadminded and outward looking. The subject is attractive to look at, with a sunny smile and good teeth. This placement adds the kind of broad frame and ¬comfortable shape which looks great on a man, but is ¬unfashionable nowadays for a woman.

The subject's outer manner is cheerful, optimistic and confident, he carries authority well and can be an inspirational leader without throwing his weight about. This subject is not likely to be biased against any class or colour of persona and he is not the slightest bit snobbish, but he is highly intolerant of phonies and posers.

Traditionally, this placement gives a love of travel and ¬exploration, plus a touch of philosophy and metaphysical ¬subjects. The subject should also be a lucky gambler, in business perhaps, rather than on the horses. His mind is good, and he can usually see both sides of any argument, but when he chooses to argue a point he becomes very attached to his own opinions.

The chances are that the subject will become well known in his particular field because he enjoys being in the public eye. He is likely to be in contact with many people as a result of working in a personnel, sales or marketing capacity. He could take up a career as a politician, church minister or lawyer if the rest of the chart leans that way. Educations is another career ¬possibility because there is a desire to influence others in a beneficial manner.

Nevertheless this placement adds a touch of enterprise, luck and vision to an otherwise stodgy or earthbound chart. Jupiter rising subjects do seem to travel widely, often in connection with their work, and some eventually leave their country of origin altogether.

Saturn conjunct Ascendant
This placement is a real stinker!  On many charts this can be seen as a stabilising factor, but takes a lot of living with! This planet brings insecurity, even fear; particularly during childhood.  For some reason, the subject's sense of self worth is crushed by circumstances during his childhood and he has to work long and hard to rebuild it.  
He may have been rejected by either (or both) his parents, or deprived of their love and attention due to tragic events.  If he was cared for by other people during his childhood, he would have been aware that this was done under sufferance.

He hides his real needs and feelings and may even deny himself the right to have any needs other than those which other people consider suitable. His natural creativity may be squashed because it does not fit in with the requirements of those around him.  

Depending upon the rest of the chart, this childhood can cause the subject to develop a hard and aggressive attitude to others later in life or on the other hand, he may allow himself (or herself) to become, and to remain a doormat, never making even the most reasonable kind of demands upon others.
Another possibility is that he rises above this unpromising start and becomes an outstanding success. This person is reliable and responsible: he takes all commitments very seriously, he finishes all that he starts and his ¬self discipline is incredible. He may project an austere image, but underneath will be surprisingly idealistic and, in personal and family life, he is kindly, sensitive and thoughtful, while being tolerant of the foibles of others. His reserve may be hard to penetrate, although this would be mitigated by an otherwise outgoing type of chart. Any appearance of hardness or ¬unfriendliness is caused by shyness and a fear of being hurt.

This individual is uncomfortable in social situations, although relaxed with family and close friends. However, he is frequently most comfortable at work. I guess that it is not surprising that many Saturn influenced people are workaholics.

Traditionally, Saturn on the ascendant or in hard aspect to it (eg; opposition, square) at the time birth indicates a difficult birth. Saturn is often close to the Ascendant in the charts of writer's. This placement adds stability, thoroughness, patience and modesty to an otherwise neurotic, unpredictable, lazy or self indulgent chart.

Uranus conjunct Ascendant
This adds a touch of eccentricity. The subject may be idealistic, unpredictable and quite fascinating. His interests will be ¬unusual; he may be drawn to the world of astrology and the ¬occult, if the rest of the chart has similar leanings. ¬Humanitarian and broad minded, he tends to opt for an unusual way of life, either following unusual beliefs or making his own up as he goes along. His life takes peculiar twists and turns, partly because he is prey to unusual circumstances and partly because he cannot stand too much normality.

He has a good mind which is directed towards the unusual. He may be cranky, strange or visionary in his thinking whilst at the same time being stubborn and determined. The amount of individuality and unusualness will depend on the structure of the rest of the chart. Even an extremely mundane chart will be enliven by this placement.

Neptune conjunct the Ascendant
This fascinating planet can make the subject into an inspired artist, glamorous film star or a complete nut case. The subject's childhood may have been strange and there could have been some kind of mystery surrounding his birth and parentage. It is possible that one of his parents was very peculiar, even to the extent of being mentally ill. The subject is sensitive, ¬vulnerable, easily hurt and "destroyed," and he may never have a clear idea of his own needs and feelings. He may try to run his life to someone else's rules, discovering later perhaps, that the rules he tried to follow were abnormal or twisted in some way.

This placement can make the subject psychic, mediumistic, and/or prone to fantasies. In extreme cases, he may lose track of reality altogether. Bear in mind the rest of the chart when Neptune is rising because if it is practical and sensible this will simply add artistry and sensitivity rather than genuine lunacy.

The subject may be drawn to a career in the arts, photography, music or the mediumistic side of the occult. He will have a soft spot for anyone or anything which he sees suffering and could either work hard for some kind of charity organisation or just be a collector of lame ducks.

Pluto conjunct the Ascendant
This subject has great self control and may seek to control, direct and guide the lives of others. This directing instinct could take him into the world of medicine, the media or teaching, depending upon the shape of the rest of the chart. In personal relationship he could be coercive or domineering and will try to control his partner, either financially or sexually. His own personality is so controlled that it is hard to work out just what he is thinking or what really motives him.

Although very pleasant to the people he works with, he may be very difficult to live with and also something of a loner with no real friends. He is slow to grow up, but when he does he becomes a reliable adult who will never renege on any of his commitments. He is happiest in a career where he is in charge of others, and even happier if he can improve the lives of large numbers of people.

He has an exceptionally sharp mind and the kind of insight which may make him uncomfortable to be near. He can pick up even the mildest of undercurrents and "vibes" and always knows when someone does not really like him.  He may well appear mild, gentle and amenable but when challenged or hurt, the "Clark Kent" image vanishes and Superman appears in its place.

His virtues are tenacity and obstinacy, which have the effect of making him extremely reliable and dependable. He finishes all that he starts and does it properly equipped to do what is required of him.  He hates to let go of anyone or anything but he will not allow anyone t shackle him or dictate to him. He must be able to come and go as he pleases.

This subject can be idealistic, paternalistic and very sensitive to the needs of others. He tries to improve the world he lives in wherever he can but, altruistic as he is, he cannot explain his motives to others and therefore may sometimes be misunderstood. He has an urge to heal those who are sick at heart or ailing physically, therefore he may choose to work in the medical field. Alternatively, he may help out on a part time basis as a ¬para medic. Hypnotherapy might appeal to him, or he may use some of his spare time to work as a spiritual healer.

This planet adds sexuality. Depending upon circumstances and the rest of the chart, he may accept this side of his personality, use it and enjoy it, or he may block it out and try to drive his sexual needs and desires from his mind. If he denies his ¬high octane sexual needs he may become embittered or depressed. It he can explore this side of his nature he will relax, become comfortable with his strange, obsessive personality, and go on to lead a full and happy life. This planet will add depth and intensity on all levels to an otherwise superficial chart.

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