Horoscopes Love Predictions for 2019

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Horoscopes Love Predictions for 2019

Post by Individualogist » Tue Feb 19, 2019 2:01 am

To begin our 2019 love article, nothing beats starting with the age-old and eternally popular horoscopes prediction.

Describing horoscopes as such would be an understatement. This is perhaps because nothing truly rivals the relevance of its predictions. Based on constellations, which are largely regarded for divinity, horoscopes are accepted as a staple in a cosmic understanding of life.
Given this context, we will then be exploring the power of horoscopes and how it can help us understand the path of love for 2019.

Horoscope Love Predictions for 2019

Bearing the emblem of the ram, Aries comes first in our list of 2019 love horoscopes.

For people bearing the Aries sign, it definitely will be a good year for them. Whether single or in a relationship, 2019 promises a year for Aries to become the best that they can be.

Generally, it will be a great year for you to explore your options. Perhaps, this is that moment you are waiting for when you wanted to just go out there and get to know someone.

As for the planetary alignments, Jupiter, Aries’ planet of travel, will be staying with Sagittarius for quite some time this 2019. This is a good sign for you, telling you to go out, live, and explore what the world has in-store for you.

Another significant shift would be caused by the planet Uranus, the planet of change, as it will be moving away sometime in March. This shift signifies independence, challenging you to become better as an individual.

Given that this slow-moving planet has docked in your first house for the past seven years, it brought about change in the way you perceive yourself. Because of this, you have acquired a stronger sense of self-knowledge, multiplying your attractiveness tenth-fold.

Lastly, around the third week of January, your fifth house will experience a lunar eclipse in Leo. This, as in old times, signifies a chance to meet someone special in your life – whether it be a new friend, lover, or family member.

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2019 can be a year of ....

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Re: Horoscopes Love Predictions for 2019

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