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Re: wishiknew's photo reading request

Post by eye_of_tiger » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:07 am

Hi Nigel,

I have moved your thread to the forum in which it should have been originally posted, way back in 2008.

Lady Of Avalon was last active on our forums in May 2009, so I do not like your chances of finding out exactly what she was getting about you at the time of your reading, directly from her.

None of the others who replied to your thread come here any more.

As we only moved to mysticboard.org earlier this year along with the updated forum software, I am somewhat mystified as to why your old favorite would work at all, unless you manually used the redirection link from the old site.

I am even more perplexed and terribly saddened by you not feeling as if you have made any significant progress towards better understanding yourself, during the last nine years (11 years after your aura was read).

According to your aura analysis given during 2006, the dominance of the colour orange was interpreted to mean that you are when compared to the mythical average person; adventurous, analytical, scientific and self confident in your general approach to your life's challenges.

That is a high level of self confidence in one's ability to face and overcome any obstacles which life puts in your path, and not a low level of self confidence which you are suggesting is the case after living another 9 or 11 years.

So obviously any of the characteristics in your analysis can affect any of the others in the same list.

With you I feel that your tendency to over analyse everything and live most of your life from your head and not more from your heart as if you or someone else (God?) is keeping scores, has it appears largely neutralized the relatively high level of self confidence which your aura reader would have expected to see in you, if his or her analysis had been accurate.

I think that this is precisely what Lady of Avalon was referring when she said that (and I quote)....
you have trouble remembering or connecting into the deeper wisdom inside of yourself, that there are a lot of shadows lurking there that you are unwilling to revisit and fix instead you tend to accept things which leads to a frustration and irritation?
Now where is this deeper wisdom or source of spiritual guidance inside of every human being believed to be located?

Answer: In your heart.

This does not mean that you should not also use your head and intelligence as well, when making decisions.

But it does mean that you should shift the balance between listening to your head and heart, so that that balance is more equal.

The next question which Lady Of Avalon was trying to answer, was why you do not trust your heart as much as you do your head.

She talks about what psychologists call a person's shadow self. That part of us which contains the truths about ourselves which we do not like and accept, and do not therefore wish other people to know about. So we hide or bury these parts of us deeply, where we do not have to face them on a daily basis.

Now guess where the shadow self is thought to be centered. If you said in the heart, then you can have a gold star for guessing the correct answer.

The problem for you and most of the other 99.9% of the human population (including myself) is that in order to access our inner wisdom we need to accept who we are, including the contents of our shadow selves.

Self love means to value and respect ourselves as the whole package deal. If we are unable or unwilling (or a bit of both) to also accept the not so positive things about us, then access to our inner wisdom or guidance is blocked in the process.

Remember that an aura analysis is a frozen snapshot in time of the mixture of colours in your aura at that point in time, and therefore the mixture could have changed a lot since then.

This means that your aura can change from one minute to the next (it is dynamic or continuously changing, instead of static or fixed).

Most importantly this means that you can by the thoughts and ideas which you put into your subconscious mind over a period of time, change the colours in your aura, as well as the way that you think about yourself, and how you believe the world and your life works.

The main message is that this ability to change our way of thinking can change the way that we feel about ourselves (including our shadow self), which can in turn change forever how we choose to respond to any obstacles in our way.

Learn to love (value and respect) yourself more, with all of your strengths and weaknesses, with all of your good points and your not so good points, and with all of your mistakes, think and feel more from your heart and less from your head, and your self confidence will naturally increase proportionally to the effort which you put into making yourself a better person.

Do not fall into the common trap of comparing yourself with other people, and show as much compassion for yourself as you often do for them.

Your progress towards becoming a happier, healthier and more successful person in your own eyes will not always be in a straight line upwards (linear).

This is above all learning through trial and error (mostly error). If you do not give yourself permission to make mistakes and so learn positive lessons as a result, your progress in the direction of realizing more of your potential will be permanently blocked.

Can you now truthfully say from your heart as much as from your head after reading the above that you have made no progress spiritually at all between 2006 and 2017 in any area of your life?

I do not for one moment believe that this is true.

Would you now like to reconsider your poor assessment of yourself, and rethink your measure of the size and rate of your forward progress?

I think that you are being much too hard upon yourself (join the club with me on that), and that you are over analyzing yourself into accepting something which is both a false and self sabotaging core belief.

Be kinder to and more gentle and patient with yourself, in the ways in which you measure your spiritual progress,

Brian :smt049 :smt049

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