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Need help

Post by Nagaraj » Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:25 am

Hi all, I am attaching my pic for your kind perusal in letting me know about me after reading my pic. What will be my future, relationship, etc.Image
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Re: Need help

Post by eye_of_tiger » Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:54 am

Nagaraj wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:25 am
Hi all, I am attaching my pic for your kind perusal in letting me know about me after reading my pic. What will be my future, relationship, etc.
Hello again,

Picture readings are NEVER directly used to predict anyone's future on Mystic Board.

That is because we believe that it is what we actively do (or do not do) in the present moment, which largely determines any future outcomes.

This also means that we do not believe that anyone is destined for their entire life never to have at least one love relationship.

Or that there is only one woman in the world whom you could hope to have a love relationship with.

Looking at your picture, you seem to me to be a person who takes both life and yourself very seriously.

Some might say too seriously!

While many things in life are not to be made fun of and should be taken seriously, as human beings we each need to balance life's more serious experiences with some times for our relaxation and enjoyment.

This is not only for the benefit of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

All work and no play can make you very boring and unattractive to many women (unless they are equally serious about life).

The very fact that you included a poll with your posting (which I removed), tells me that you think in terms of black and white (yes or no, with nothing in between), and that you like everything to be organised and every decision to be clear cut.

These aspects of your personality could be to your advantage in certain types of jobs, but to your disadvantage with regards to your health as well as to your ability to find a compatible life partner.

You appear to me through your photo (I could be wrong) to have what psychologists call a type 1 personality. An over achiever who has unrealistically high expectations about what he is capable of doing. Type 1s also often suffer with high blood pressure and anxiety/depression.

Such a person tends to put most of their efforts and energies into their job and career, leaving little over in reserve for recreation and romance.

Forming new relationships and maintaining existing ones requires a lot of effort or energy (and money) on your part, which is why based ONLY ON YOUR PHOTOGRAPH I would be hesitant to tell you that I feel that it is likely that you will begin a new relationship in the next six months, covered by this reading.

However, your picture (is it recent?) might be giving me the wrong idea or impression about the type of person you are. To be honest, I hope that I am soon proven to be completely wrong about what I am feeling from your photo.

Even if I am not wrong, re-balancing the seriousness with some time out for yourself to relax, smile and enjoy life's many pleasures over the next six months would not do any harm to, and could potentially, significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable partner to share your hopes and dreams with.

I wish you increasing and continuing success in your career (where a lot of the money comes to finance your relationships), as well as in your present and future pursuit (is that the right word?) of the love of your life.

Be kinder to yourself,

Brian :smt031

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