would love some Tarot insight on a little Tarot question

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would love some Tarot insight on a little Tarot question

Post by Nuggins » Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:24 am

I read with the intuitive deck by Cilla Conway.In this reading I pulled for ” why is this guy being aloof to the querent” I pulled the chariot
When asked for feelings he feelsfor her I received ten of cups
She has received this everytime she reads for this in the same position

Another girl has come into the picture. This is recent, like July 17th.  His feelings for her came up death and their outcome for the other girl was nine of wands.

How I see it is he loves the querent but due to things outside their control he must take control and hide his emotions

The other girl seems to be a fleeting thing. Something he know will end. where he will end up shutting her out. The clarifierwasthe5 of wands. Maybe she's Just one of the girls. A girl thrown in to compete with.

What are your thoughts?

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