Rascettes and mole interpretation in fingers and palms

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Rascettes and mole interpretation in fingers and palms

Post by rk_2014 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:28 pm

An observation/discussion thread for all. Would be highly obliged if Pravin & RIshi Sir give their comments.

Background: I am 36, single, right handed and been jobless since 5 months - first time in the last 15 years since beginning my career.

As a fairly keen student/believer of astrology, I try to understand and improve upon the defects which may be depicted in the palms. With the little knowledge that I have of the subject, I try to understad ways to improve emotional/physical health for I feel emotions make the personality, personality drives health/career success and this in turn can show the path to how the overall life will be(roughly speaking).

For example - The 3 basic Ayurvedic doshas - Pitta Vata Kapha -they say out of these three, two defects(Primary and secondary) will be present from birth in any individual and ayurveda suggests way to pacify the out of balance dosha. These doshas, in turn can and do affect the temperament/nature and consequently the life choices, friends, environment the person surrounds himself in and shape the life to some(at times large) extent.

Below is a link to analysis of moles on different finger/phalanges I came across today. Not sure about the source however the readings for the mole or spot on the third phalange of the Jupiter finger seem very true in my case (I seem to a have a light mole there which developed only 4 or 5 years back). Note there are two paragraphs about mole on 3rd phalange of jupiter in the article.
On a friends recommendation, I had visited tibetan medical centre(men tsee khang) last year owing to a back problem(now resolved after taking Ayurvedic massage) and the physician just by checking the pulse told of high pitta, emotions not coming out fully and heart not pumping enough blood(probably translates to poor circulation). Although, I am fit and fine now, I was trying to see ways of pacifying pitta online when I saw this link and was suprised by the two paragraphs which sum things up accurately at least in my case. I now know that it is owing to pitta that I have always had terrible anger issues at times and since life in general at the moment isn't that good I was diving deeper to understand the root cause/solutions when I came across this. Would love to know your thoughts..

I also try to understand an relate more from personality assessment(MBTI) because I feel there must be a solution to unlock/control the future(at least to some extent) by understanding self and getting the link between astrology/palmistry/Ayurveda etc. I spend a lot more time than I should thinking about these things but it is out of curiosity and an attempt to self-improve rather than fear or a fatalistic way of thinking. Prevention after all, they say, is better than cure.

https://www.astro-vani.com/blog/moles-o ... -analysis/

2) Another small question is the significance of rascettes on the palm. Other health indications being OK, Benham 'seems' to suggest that strong rascettes signify good health (not sure if the source is correct) and I had also read somewhere that more the number of rascettes higher the longevity (each rascette depicting 30 years approx). However, when I see the pictures of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee(aged 92 now) I dont think more than one rascette is there or visible. So do rascettes mean anything after all? I couldn't check anyone else aged 90 or more.
atal bihari vajpayee palm image.jpg

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