Some Queries.

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Some Queries.

Post by AnupamG » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:45 pm

1) Tell the meaning of these vertical lines going to Saturn Mount
2) Is this Triangle or Flag on the Mount of Apollo
3)This line which is going to Sun Mount (Arising from Middle of Palm) Is this Sun line or Fate Line.
3.1) This line is cut by influence line what does it mean
4) These influence line is about to touch heart Line what does it mean?
5)) Just below the Heart line there is 3-4 triangles overlapping each other What does it mean?
6) Line from life line going to Gupiter Mount and meeting with A line arising from Junction of heart and mind line and thus forming a Triangle over there. What does it mean?
7) There are 2-3 life line (Short)and overlapping each other what does it mean?

Pravin Kumar
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Re: Some Queries.

Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:25 pm


Why don't you read the book on Palmistry whose PDF is posted in Palmnistry Lessons elsewhere. Otherwise you will go on asking questions again and again but still not understand till you have read that book.

All vertical lines are good and horizontal lines are negative and impede the progress of main lines. These lines cutting the main lines are called influence lines. On your Saturn Mount there are more than two vertical line so it makes your Saturn Mount weaker.

Pravin Kumar
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