Clarity in friendship?

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Clarity in friendship?

Post by MissB23 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:27 am

Looking for clarity within a relationship I have on a friendship basis. Just seeing if I shouldn't spoil it because of a rift.

1. How You see them- 10 of PENTACLES

2. How He sees me- Sun

3/4: How I feel about him (positive & negative)- 2 of cups & Lovers

5/6: How he feels about me (positive & negative)- Page of cups & The Magician

7. Environment- 8 swords

8. How often we see each other: Hermit

9. Negative aspects of the past, preset & future- queen of wands, 9 of Wands, judgement

10. Positive aspects of the past, present& future- Strength, Knight of Wands,Page of Pentacles

I'd appreciate any help in interpreting, I'm a newbie and trying hard to learn how to piece the cards together into a story. So far, they've been very VERY accurate.

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Clarity in a friendship

Post by chipmunk » Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:03 pm

Hi Miss B23

I hare very created your reading and this is how i see it

1. how you see him - 10 of pentacles -you see him as a stable fixature in your life, he gives you a sense of emotional stability and comfort and sercurity.

2. How he sees you - the sun - he sees you as someone who brings happiness and joy into his life, someone who gives him strength and encouragement when he needs it. a source of warmth, light and power.

3/4 how you feel about him  - 2 of cups & the lovers - you are physically attracted to him on some level and would consider a romantic relationship but you fear regretion and losing a friend. Things are already tense  between the two of you and you fear vierbalising how you feel , you would like to ginore the situation and hope it goes away to avoid confrontation.

5/6 how he feels about you - page of cups & the magician - He is  hoping to transform and expand your existing relationship to something much deeper.

7 enviroment -Eight of swords - At the moment you are eaten up with a unecessary sense of dread and insecurity but it is only your fear of the unkown that is holding you back. Although you feel there is nothing you can do try and step back and really see what is going on around you, what is there and you will be able to expand you idea of what is possible.

8 ; How often we see each other- The hermit - this card reprsents soultidue and peace and quiet so my guess you don't see each other often and not nearly enough.

9 Negative aspects of the past, present and future ; Queen of wands, 9 of wands , judgement - if the three cards go in order the negative aspect in the past was  either manipulation, rigity or disloyalty, in the present the negative aspect was  a big obstacle or challenge (the rift?) that has not been overcome yet.  The future negative aspect is the righting of a wrong done to you or you have done to your friend or someone close to you

10 postive aspects of the past present and the future: the positive action of the past is your will power - your inner strength, the positive aspect of the present is energy and motivation to bring about change and form a new relationship. the positive aspect of the future is new oppertunites through patience and communication.

best wishes

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