About the Shape of Numbers or vice versa...!

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About the Shape of Numbers or vice versa...!

Post by Rohiniranjan » Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:21 pm

Read a nice book by Charles Seife, the other day, titled: Zero: the biography of a number [isbn: 9-781-1011-9960-2 (Penguin Books)

Rather interesting material on Pythagoras, his (almost) *cult* and an interesting fact about the so called famous Theorem of Pythagoras that we all must have been taught in school.

Lot of good information about "ZERO" as well as also the Greek concept of 'Numbers are merely shapes'!

For the occultists, Pythagorean numerology still holds an esteemed place and so these folks might be interested in browsing through this rather well-written account...

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