Moving House: Number 11

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House number 11: Is it a master number or a number 2?

Master Number 11
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Number 2
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Moving House: Number 11

Post by Jordicans » Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:01 am

Hello, it's been a while since I've published anything on MysticBoard. I've just moved and I've made studying the metaphysical part of my regime again.

Basically, I want to know whether I should be using the 1+1=2 for my house number readings (which makes more sense to me). Or should I be interpreting my house number as a master number 11?

Thank you, numerology is not my strong point, I'm studying astrology at the moment.

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Post by eye_of_tiger » Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:33 am

Interpreting it as either of the two numbers should not make any significant difference. And it also depends upon the person or people who are living there. What for example are their life path numbers?

The lessons of that particular number are contained within both of them.It is only a matter of deciding whether or not to add the twp digits together, or whether to leave the master number 11 as it already is.

If there is any difference in how a house number of 2 or 11 could be interpreted in a numerological sense, then it would be the level of difficulty of the challenges associated with each of them, as master numbers are not called that name without a good reason.

If you want your house number to be associated with the opportunities and challenges of the number 2 then go with that, but if you want to try the opportunities and challenges of the number 2 at a more advanced level, then view your house number as the master number 11.

The house number is still 11. It is only how you interpret its meaning which changes. Why take your lessons at a more advanced level when it would seem on the surface to be easier not to?

Usually the answer which is given is that by doing so we may be able to shorten the time before we get to the more interesting stuff at higher levels. Or perhaps to reduce the number of times which we need to reincarnate on the Earth plane.


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