Goldust and his 3s

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Goldust and his 3s

Post by Qayin » Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:16 pm

Hello everyone how's everyone doing hope excellent , I looked goldust poplar wwe star he made possibly this persona based on numbers goldust has first name 3 hearts Desire first name personity 3 birth name hearts desire 3 he had first Vowel u which is a 3 last name u all so 3 middle 3 last letter 3 all together 6 3s, he had 0 bridge number form 2 3s hearts desire and personality 3 this goldust character painted himself goldan and had funny character more proof he debuted as goldust in 1995 he was under personal year 3 at the time see 3 power increased note theres chance vince made the persona but I think goldust did it which number 3 palyed role since this happen in personal year 3 for goldust, what you think everyone ?

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