What determines a chart ruler?

Learn about the influence on your life of the planetary positions, and their placement in the various astrological houses.

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What determines a chart ruler?

Post by grrrlriot » Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:25 am

I was trying to figure out my chart ruler. Virgo is my AC and have been told Mercury rules it, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Mars is in Aries.

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Re: What determines a chart ruler?

Post by Rohiniranjan » Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:50 pm

Caveat: I only use sidereal zodiac and therefore reader may or may not choose to read what I am sharing below.

My belief and observations-experience in this field has convinced me that the "ruler of a chart" is a multifactorial determination and going with the ascendant ruler or ruler of a significant house such as the X might not be the most appropriate factor in all charts. I find it useful to take into consideration the dispositorship principle. Essentially, a planet that is hosting another planet becomes the dispositor of the guest planet. So if ascendant is Taurus and venus is in Capricorn, then dispositor of venus is Saturn. Saturn rules the sign in which venus is placed and therefore becomes the host of venus which is the guest. Saturn would therefore be responsible for the upkeep of venus in this instance. Now, just by becoming a host, Saturn does not become a benefic for the chart; just a significant planet. If it is a positive planet in the said chart then it becomes a good host, otherwise not.

Compared to the above simple situation, for another Taurus rising, venus might be in Capricorn and Saturn might be in cancer, thus the chain grows:

Venus in sign of (Saturn); Saturn in sign of (Moon); moon in cancer. So moon being in own sign becomes the final dispositor in this chain. Moon becomes the ultimate dispositor in this chain of dispositorship and becomes the final factor for ascendant lord (venus) in this example Taurus rising chart.

In some charts where several planets gather in a sign along with the lord of that sign, often that lord of that sign (ultimate guest-house) becomes the FINAL DISPOSITOR in such a chart. The situation is not very uncommon, by the way and in other instances one may end up with more than one such final dispositors for different planets.

If all final dispositors in such an instance are cooperative/collaborative, the nativity has a better chance of making significant contributions, or else we might see a scattering!

Next we look at the strength of the dispositors and their qualities and may end up with one or more planets that score higher than the others.

From this or these significant "hosts" in a chart we can gain an inkling or more about the karmic attributes of the nativity.

This is assuming also that like me others subscribe to the belief that a horoscope must be a sort of road map in life of the nativity outlining on this astrological *TRIP-TIK* planner, drawn at the epoch of commencement of most recent journey (birth epoch), what the traveller arrived in this world to learn, achieve and accomplish.

Regards and my best wishes to you for the Holiday Season and the coming NEW YEAR of 2018 (C.E.; Greg.)!

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