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Come to The Meditation and Mind Improvement forum

Post by eye_of_tiger » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:54 am

Some of you would already know that one of our most respected and knowledgeable long standing members Pravin (PK) has been over the last few months making a huge number of postings in the Meditation and Mind Improvement forum.

Learn meditation techniques to relax and improve your own thought processes.

I now agree with PK that there are so many of these postings that are worthy of discussion, that to chose what we feel are the best three of them among so many, is virtually impossible.

Which is why I am now directing you straight to the forum where it is all happening, and am allowing you to chose for yourself how you would like to get the greatest benefit from the vast amount of sound practical information which Pravin has so kindly provided us with.

For this is what I would like to encourage on all our forums.

Knowledge without at the same time being given a way of applying that knowledge toward improving all aspects of your daily life (offering you practical and workable and achievable methods for reaching your goals), is in my opinion often a waste of time and energy.

I am all for debating and exchanging each other's theories up to a certain point, but beyond that it is time to either use the knowledge in a positive manner, or instead put it on the back burner to possibly be used later.

Looking through all of these excellent postings I am very aware that to a new member or to a person who knows very little about these subjects, the sheer number and depth of them could easily make you feel more than a little frightened and overpowered. Many other sites ask you to check that your question has not already been answered before you ask it again, but in this case it could easily take longer for you to do this than most of us have time to spare online.

So my suggestion is that you should either choose the first posting in order which you are interested in discussing, or begin a new thread if it all seems too much.

The more knowledge we get, the more recognize that there is still to learn. There is no expert or "know everything" in this or any other field of human interest (other than self appointed ones), so you are in good company and welcome to ask what other members would also like to know, but are not as confident as you are to be able to post it for themselves.

By helping yourself to find an the answers which you are looking for, you will be indirectly helping everyone else to ask their own questions and get their own answers in the process.

I really love WIN - WIN situations!

Come to The Meditation and Mind Improvement forum

Brian :smt024

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