>>>>Merry Christmas and Happy New Year<<<<

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>>>>Merry Christmas and Happy New Year<<<<

Post by eye_of_tiger » Sat Dec 19, 2020 2:37 am

To all Mystic Board members, or at least those of you who are still monitoring our forums

2020 has not been a particularly happy or merry year, for so many of us.

Everybody knows someone (including another family member) who has been affected either by the virus itself, or the economic damage which has been done by necessarily strict public health measures which have been put into place by governments, in their attempt to bring the spread of the infection to an end.

If there is one important lesson to be learned from this human tragedy, it must be for each of us to learn to cherish more and be grateful for those people whom we love (and tell them this at every opportunity), while we are still here to tell them how we feel, and how much we would miss them if they were no longer in our lives (for whatever reason).

Regardless of your religious beliefs, or whether religion does not have any role in your life, Christmas and the beginning of another year are in themselves golden opportunities to renew and celebrate your closest friendships/relationships.

Please therefore make a real effort in this festive season to as much as it is humanly possible to during a pandemic, be grateful for those people whom you hold dear in your heart.

Love, Light and Healing from your humble administrator,

Brian :smt031 :smt035 :smt032 :smt038 :smt023 :smt059 :smt114 :smt109 :smt023

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Re: >>>>Merry Christmas and Happy New Year<<<<

Post by swetha » Thu Dec 24, 2020 4:54 am

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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Re: >>>>Merry Christmas and Happy New Year<<<<

Post by Jayashree Ravi » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:32 am

Merry Christmas 2021 and a very Happy New Year 2022!

Hope '22 will see a world that is COVID free!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

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