Which Gems would be right for me based off my astrology?

Know the right astral gems that can make your life progressive

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Which Gems would be right for me based off my astrology?

Post by AriesJupiter » Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:30 pm

I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for which Gems would be best for me. I am very interested in using Gems, and I just want to know which ones would be most beneficial for me to start with.

Here is my birth chart (for people who know astrology, and can see if I have any afflictions that need correcting with certain Gems)

Sun: Aries 27.59' (intercepted in 12th)
Moon: Sagittarius 26.34' (in 8th, near 9th cusp)
Mercury: Aries 9.22' (intercepted in 12th)
Venus: Pisces 25.04' (12th house)
Mars: Gemini 8.36' (2nd house)
Jupiter: Aries 11.15 (intercepted in 12th)
Saturn: Sagittarius 20.53' (8th house)
Uranus: Sagittarius 26.36' (8th house, near 9th cusp)
Neptune: Capricorn 7.59' (9th house)
Pluto: Scorpio 8.53' (7th house)

Chiron: Gemini 17' (2nd house, 10' from 3rd cusp)

Eros: Gemini 2' (1st house, near 2nd cusp)
Psyche: Virgo 3' (5th house)

Vertex: Libra 13' (intercepted in 6th house)

True Node: Aries 11.25' (intercepted in 12th)

Ascendant: Taurus 4.55'
Midheaven: Capricorn 16.31'
(Gemini on 2nd & 3rd cusps, Sagittarius on 8th & 9th cusps)
(Libra intercepted in 6th, Aries intercepted in 12th)

Attached is my chart so that you can see it, too.

Thank you!!
My Edited Chart.jpg
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