Moldavite!? Help please!

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Moldavite!? Help please!

Post by SearchingForTruth » Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:04 pm

Ok, so my Moldavite arrived yesterday!  When I first took it out, I just held it for a few minutes and closed my eyes... my hands got hot, like sweaty...  I didn't exactly feel a rush of energy, but when my eyes were closed it seemed very bright!  (also had my black tourmaline in my pocket)

Anyway, so last night I put my black tourmaline on a little table by the foot of my bed, and had my Moldavite under my pillow...  lets just say it was an interesting night!  haha

My husband woke me up shortly after going to bed, asked me if I was ok because I was vibrating, A LOT!  He seriously thought I was having a seizure!  

We both fell back asleep, then again, he woke me up because I was vibrating so much, he actually had to go sleep on the couch!  It was pretty intense I guess... he said the whole bed was shaking like a washing machine on the spin cycle and the load unbalanced...

I don't remember any of it, no dreams, anything...  but he did say that he had a dream of a bright light behind a whole group of beings...  their faces were blurred, he couldn't make out details, but he definitely saw something...

Anyway, any thoughts!?!?

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