Recurring place in my dream

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Recurring place in my dream

Post by Cali4niaGirlz » Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:40 am

I often dream of being in a house - one that I apparently live in. The house is pretty big with lots of rooms. The house is different every time, but there’s always this one door that is usually in a hallway that is nearby a living room. This door gives me the creeps every time.

Once opened, there are stairs to go up. It’s always dark, and for some reason, every time this is in my dream, I happen to know there is an evil spirit in a devil. It’s terrifying in my dream, and I usually wake up when I’ve realized the room is creepy. But sometimes I’ve actually spoken to this spirit.

I’ve had this dream for a couple of years now, and I was wondering what does this mean?

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Re: Recurring place in my dream

Post by eye_of_tiger » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:13 am


Unless there is any evidence that there is any actual demonic entity residing in your house (when you are awake), I believe that the devil or evil spirit in your dream is completely symbolic or representative of some part of your personality, which you find incredibly difficult to accept.

In a way you are being symbolically "haunted" by a part of you which up until now you have preferred to hide from both yourself, as well as from the people closest to you (your family and friends).

That part of you trapped in the room behind the closed door has been trying for at least the last two years (which is why the dream keeps recurring) to tell you that it is NOT evil, and that it does NOT mean that you are a bad person for having it.

It wants you to NOT be scared to talk to it, because if you did you would soon discover that it is perfectly normal and harmless.

And most importantly you would learn that if you did open the door to let it out where other people close to you could see it as well, they would not think any bad things about you as a result, and would continue to love/like you as they have already been doing for a long time.

Psychologists often talk about us learning to face our "shadow self".

Shadow self means those parts of who we are as a person which we frequently hide from the outside world, because we may find them embarrassing, or because we wrongly believe that if other people did find out about them, that they would no longer love and accept us for who we are.

Learning to love yourself means learning to recognise, value and respect ALL the many parts which when combined make you the imperfect, human being whom you are.

ALL includes every part of your shadow shelf, including this one.

The dreams are I feel encouraging and challenging you to rediscover a part of you that will eventually make you fully human and therefore by definition acceptably imperfect, if you have the courage to explore this and if you are willing to make the required effort.

Just like everyone else.

Welcome to the human family!

Brian :smt041

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