Dreams can be coloured ?

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Re: Dreams can be coloured ?

Post by eye_of_tiger » Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:45 pm

I am not entirely ruling out the possible existence of an astral Peace Garden as a place of beauty and serenity, but rather it is any idea of it being located somewhere in the USA (or at any other physical location on the planet) which I have problems with.

This is similar to the theory that the Garden Of Eden described in the bible was at one time physically located at the head of the Persian Gulf, in southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq) where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run into the sea; and in Armenia.

But regardless of whether or not any of this is true and is not mythological as most scholars consider it to be, I still have not heard of any mention of an astral peace garden as part of my own personal research, which was after all your original question.

Brian :smt109

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Re: Dreams can be coloured ?

Post by firefly43210 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 2:44 pm

Dear Brian , the Heaven may very well be there without anyone finding it . Because it should be existent in soul layer . So one must find the portal to go to the soul layer to find it . I remember , I used to commit suicide in order to get rid of the astral body and become a soul . But it is a very dangerous process to commit something like that and not die . Not advicible at all . Everyone must use the portals to achieve that result . Then it would be harmless . The location of western heaven may very well be useful after i expire . As far i understand the muslim jannat is also located nearby .

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