Taurus - Year 2005

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Taurus - Year 2005

Post by Abhishek » Mon May 16, 2005 12:32 pm

For Taurus ( Vrishabh) Ascendant or Lagna the first half of 2005 would be good and without much tensions but the second half indicates some tensions regarding family and work/profession/business.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The Year 2005 indicates some tensions regarding job/profession/business and financial dealings in the second half of the year. Unexpected losses are indicated in the second half of the year. Refrain from unnecessary financial dealings in this period. At office tensions from boss and colleagues is indicated in second half of the year.

Family and Social Life
In the second half of the year 2005 you may spend on unnecessary items. There are indications of bickering/quarrels at home front. Social life indicates downfall and reduction in your popularity. People would plan and conspire against you behind your back. You would experience tensions and setbacks in your social as well as personal life.

Education and Traveling
Success in competitive exams is possible only in the first half of this year. Plan on your admissions in the first half of the year. Traveling should be avoided in the second half of the year as there are indications of loss.

Sluggish health is indicated in second half of the year. First half of the year would be good.

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