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Focus On Personal Healing

Post by eye_of_tiger » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:43 am

Please read "Focus On Personal Healing, Not On Developing Psychic Abilities" By Arien Smith ... -abilities

The main message of this article is that we should focus on our personal healing first, before attempting to develop any psychic abilities.

Trying to develop psychically at the expense of our own health, can be incredibly dangerous.

By first addressing our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, we will naturally and eventually become more sensitive to the relatively quiet and subtle voice of our intuition.
Instead of going for the large and obvious intuition—like shocking visions and impressions—learn to pay attention to the small whispers of your intuition.
What I really like about what the author has written here is that intuition is seen more as a natural ability which all human beings possess to varying degrees, and less as a gift or talent which only certain specially selected people have been given.

Indeed many spiritual disciplines view the intentional/conscious development of psychic abilities as an annoying distraction or detour from the true path of the evolution of the soul.

If on the other hand a person's psychic abilities appear spontaneously (not forced) as a consequence of that individual being on a spiritual journey, while they can be seen as an indicator that progress has been made in a positive direction, they were never meant to be the final destination.


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