Need help connecting with infant son who has passed

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Need help connecting with infant son who has passed

Post by Andreana » Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:08 am

My son was 22 days old when he died. Im a young mom, and i need to know how i can connect with him, or get messages from him. I cant afford to do any readings because im low on funds due to having 3 other kids, christmas, and his services. Any advice you can give me, to get these answers to the questions I have concerning him, would be great. Thank you.

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Post by jounai » Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:33 am

Good day Andreana. :)

To have an direct contact with him consciously you will have to open up to Spirit on an conscious level. This is many times achieved through long term use of meditation and introspection. Innately you can always communicate with your loved ones in Spirit but if you experience that you cannot with ease have a conversation with a being that have experienced death you have to look into yourself to find what is in the way for communication to happen. This openness can at times take a long time of spirit work to achieve but it is something that will allow you to live a much richer life devoid of the feeling of loss. It is always a question of willingness and choice. :)

I myself have communication with my grandmother which passed away a couple of years back and it is quite clear in my experience. Almost as clear as an direct communication with a physical human being. This is something that have taken some time and processing to become real for me. Will you choose to be able to communicate with Spirit? :)

Oh, and I can tell you that your son is loving you very much and that he is with you in this life...acting a bit like a guide. :)

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Post by Andreana » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:08 pm

Thank you so much on your advice. Im going to try until I am able to connect with him in some way. I just dont know how to do it, so im going to be doing lots of work on google today. Thank you for letting me know hes still around me. I ask him everyday if he is.

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Post by spiritalk » Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:39 pm

Every soul/spirit that enters earth life has an opportunity to grow to maturity. &nbsp;Babies that pass to spirit grow up to be a mature age, so your son is living his life just as he would have on earth, only on a more spiritual level. &nbsp;Over time and communication he will show himself as a baby because that is what you remember. &nbsp;

Connecting to spirit for ourselves is a worthwhile endeavour. &nbsp;But we are often fraught with doubts and fears about our own loved ones. &nbsp;We may feel it is our wishbone rather than spirit communication. &nbsp;Trust your own instincts to find what you need for comfort and peace.
God bless, J

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Post by eye_of_tiger » Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:19 am


Connecting with your son is relatively easy when compared to getting messages back from him.

Basically almost any person who is sensitive enough can connect with their loved ones in Spirit, if their natural grief process does not get in the way.

You can do this through prayer, any pleasant memories which you hold of him, and particularly by holding any photos or things which belonged to him while he was briefly with you on Earth in your hands while you are relaxing or meditating.

No amount force or pressure must be placed either upon yourself or on your son's eternal spirit to make this work, until the time is just right for everyone concerned.

Spirit communication even for trained mediums can be hit or miss process at the best of times, so do not expect any dramatic responses from the Other Side on your first or second attempt.

It usually begins with very subtle feelings as if your loved one is present with you in the same room. In the case of a mother who has lost her infant son you are likely to start smelling him or feeling him cradled in your arms.

No it isnot your imagination which is making you feel these things, but it comes through your mind's imaging abilities, so at first it will feel made up.

Having passed at 22 days of age will not stop him from sending actual messages to you when you are both ready, but it will usually be in pictures instead of words.

But a picture is often worth more than a thousand words in what it can express of his ongoing love and caring for you as his Mummy.

You did not mention in your posting how recent this was, but my impression is that you are not yet out of the emotional numbing period which nature blesses us with so that we can get done what is most needed and urgent.

Your son and his and your guide are willing to wait for you to catch up, and your baby draws closer to you every night as you drift off to sleep, holding pleasant, loving memories of him in your mind's eye.

Love, Light and Healing,

EoT &nbsp; :smt007 &nbsp;:smt007

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