Afterlife connection

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Afterlife connection

Post by AcLia » Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:26 pm

Hi all:

First-time poster. My name is Lia.

I'm 38 days sober from a 12 year addiction to prescription pills. I don't consider myself a psychic per se, but my mother and I are both sensitive and always have been.

In the past when I was able to quit pills for a short time, I found that my mind cleared enough to connect with the afterlife, my spirituality and spirit guides. But I never kept myself clear long enough to explore what I felt. I would shut the afterlife connection down again with the pills. Within a few days of beginning my permanent sobriety (this was November 28th of this year) I found the communication open again, and I embraced it. My rediscovered connection, sensitivity and my awareness of the spirits around me have helped me through this journey, especially during times when I felt overwhelmed and wanted to go back to the pills again.

I have used this period of time to research and learn. I know that I have at least one spirit guide and probably more. I don't know their names yet though I am sure I will learn over time. I have always known my deceased Grandmother was with me, as is her Dad.

But there is someone else who is with me. This other spirit is someone who passed just five years ago. I did not know him in life, but I knew *about* him. I feel an incredibly strong connection to him and I have since he passed. I do not believe he is a spirit guide for me now, but rather a soul that I might have known at some point in a previous life who knows me now that he is back on the other side, and knew me before in a time I do not remember. Whatever the reason, I know he is there and he is helping to guide me. I have asked for evidence from that side and I have certainly noticed the hints that have been dropped. I guess I am asking because my left brain still doesn't seem to "get it."

How I got to know about him is a long story I'll save for another time. All I will say is that I know things are set up in our lives for a reason, and there is no such thing as coincidence.

I know it's possible to have connections with spirits that we have never met (at least not in *this* life) but I still wish I had some kind of hard evidence that this spirit is who I think he is. I have absolutely no explanation for the connection I feel for him, I just have it. It's just there. I've known about this man since I was 13 years old, and back then he was very much alive but someone I knew nothing about. I figure my introduction to him occurred for a reason.

Any advice/feedback/similar experiences? Is this even making sense? Who IS this guy I feel connected to?

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Post by AcLia » Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:28 pm

Just to clarify what I meant:

"I've known about this man since I was 13 years old, and back then he was very much alive but someone I knew nothing about."

I knew of him, knew his name and had seen him. But I never met him. I never felt any sort of connection until he passed in 2008. He was like the friend of a friend of a friend, if you will. And he was much, much older than I was. Long story. :)

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Post by spiritalk » Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:47 pm

Spirit guides is all about trusting the unseen.  There is no proof, except that which we can glean with our own feelings.  As many people know about spirit guides, so also many theories and ideas have arisen around the whole topic.  I tend to go with what makes sense for me.

As our guides are spirit, disembodied, we can have a more spirit relationship.  This is very subjective and very hard to explain to anyone not also involved with spirit connections.  

We do not need to identify and know them in the ways you are suggesting.  Anonymity is a good way for a guide to do his work without getting caught up in his/her life in the body.  Suffice it to say, they have experience and can call on guidance from even higher, that will aid our journey, when we are in need and just ask.

To bring identity to your spirit guides will diminish their abilities not enhance them.  We never knew, nor do we need to know, those that come as guides.  (It will be fun to meet them once our earth life is through).  It is about their ability to guide, not fix every little thing.  The hard work is ours in spirituality, they merely guide us through the paths of learning.

To connect with my own guides I use a symbol that is personal between us.  In that way, when the energies change, I just know I am in touch with my own good friend and guide.
God bless, J

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