Reiki Attunement

Know more about this Japanese form of energy healing.

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Reiki Attunement

Post by Angeloftheshire » Sun Oct 28, 2007 1:04 pm

Although the phrase "Reiki psychic attunement" is sometimes used to
describe the process by which one comes to be "attuned" to Reiki energy,
the energy is not a psychic force. It is not the power of the mind that
we use when we practice Reiki healing.   Using the term "Reiki psychic
attunement" seems, in my opinion at least, to imply that Reiki is
similar to telepathy, ESP or "mind reading". Although some people may have
psychic abilities and the belief in psychic abilities is fairly common,
there is no real place for these abilities in modern medicine. On the
other hand, doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners have
come to accept the effectiveness of Reiki therapy and other forms of
healing touch.   The word psychic refers to powers of the human mind. Reiki
is a word used to describe the energy or life force that surrounds and
infuses all living things. That life force energy has different names
in different countries and cultures. It traditional Chinese
Medicine, which includes the commonly accepted practice of
acupuncture, the energy is called chi.

 A good definition for Reiki practice is similar to the rough
translation of the word Ayurveda; knowledge of life. Those of us who practice
Reiki are not psychics. We have simply expanded our knowledge of life
and the way the human body works.   Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional
Chinese Medicine and Reiki therapy are all classified, in the United States,
as forms of complementary and alternative medicine. Reiki is
considered "energy medicine", akin to magnet therapy and biofeedback.   So, even
though some people may refer to it as a Reiki Psychic Attunement,
Reiki does not really belong in the category of "psychic phenomena". Being
psychic implies that one has some extraordinary power to sense things
that others cannot.   Most people who use Reiki energy do not claim to
have any paranormal or extrasensory powers. They have simply learned the
proper placement and positioning of the hands to "feel" and "use" the
power of Reiki energy and pass the energy along to others. Anyone
can learn to use Reiki. No special abilities are required.   The
technique that some healers use to "sense" pain or illness may appear to be
psychic in nature, but when one becomes "attuned" (which simply means
the natural tendency to be aligned with the universal life force) the
warmth of the energy can be "felt" with the hands.   We become accustomed
to the way the energy should feel as it flows through various points
of the body (referred to as chakras). When there is an illness,
something is "out of alignment", so to speak, and we can feel the change in the
energy flow. There is nothing psychic about it.   Note; there are some
people who say that Reiki attunements have improved or increased their
psychic abilities, but not everyone has this experience.   Whether you
want to call it a Reiki psychic attunement or just a Reiki attunement,
at least you are interested in learning a healing art that can
literally change your life for the better.
 About the Author  Patsy Hamilton was a health care professional for
over twenty years before becoming a health writer. Currently she is
writing a series of articles about Reiki energy, which she has used to
improve her own health and the health of her family members.

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Post by HOLMES » Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:30 am

steve murray
his psychic attunements are tempory so it has to be repeated, but his focusing on attuning the psychic centers in an effort to open up and clear one psychic centers.
that of course doesn't make one psychic unless a person is trying to do so by mediating, chakra work and study.

a close mind would block the chakras and then the clearing would not be kept for example.

i find it interesting that some reiki attunements like the one praticed by diane stein who is nontraditional but also learned the traditional way she says in her book,  that she doenst' attune the third eye center when reiki attunement is passed.

her dvd just shows the back, the crown, and the  hands ,, no attunement of the the third eye.
steve murray books shows the attunement of the third eye, so i would say it depends on training and one master choice i would surmise.

i think this in itself would account for those who have dramatic attunements and see images ,  i would logically deduced they had their third eye attuned.

attunements might not increase clairovance,,
but working with the system and using the advance techique or so called of body scanning..  one own inuitiion about where to put the hands and what the person could need would come from that inuition which increases  thanks to the reiki, and the clearing of the crown center.
it comes with pratice of course.

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