Scientific proof that Reiki/Qi Gong/Energy Healing works an why... COOL!!

Know more about this Japanese form of energy healing.

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Scientific proof that Reiki/Qi Gong/Energy Healing works an why... COOL!!

Post by PetraVanilla » Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:33 pm

A little while back I cam up with the theory that Reiki, Qi Gong and Energy Healing/Energy Work can be explained with Quantum Physics.  Basically, I said, that because the human body (as all other living and non-living things) consists of atoms, made up of protons, neutrons and quarks, all electro-magnetic building blocks of cells, it is possible to influence the alignment of those energized particles by directing focused energy at them, based on already aligned matter that influences the body from the outside. With other words, similar to a magnet being able to magnetize a regular piece of iron, at least temporarily, essentially, aligning the scattered iron atoms in such a way that they all become polarized (pointing all in the same direction), channeling energy through laying on of hands or even intentionally focusing energy to a specific goal (time and space don't really matter anymore when you really start to apply metaphysics), will help realign the flow of energy within a body, clearing blockages and helping it to become filled with stronger healing energy again.

What they discovered here is that the most inner smallest building blocks within the atom (quarks) within a nucleus, within a cell are not influenced by the way the protons and neutrons act around them and how the atoms act around themselves, but rather the position in relationship to each other and basically environmental influences.

I say environmental influences,  partially, because if the body is influenced from one small site, the one atom changes and since attached to another and that one to another... a chain reaction follows until the whole body responds.

That proves my theory that Reiki and Chi Gong work, based on Quantum physics newly discovered principles because your atoms energy is being manipulated from the outside. It also proves that your own body and soul evolves based on the on the universal subconscious.That's why so many people evolve and have ideas and come up with new inventions at the same time.
That's how the creator made sure that he doesn't need to kick each and everyone in the a$$ one at a time... He just gets the ball rolling in the universal subconscious and and it starts a chain reaction

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Post by CityHunter » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:22 am

Not only in Reiki and energy healing forms but in other aspects as well.  As each matter is also composed of such we can say that the likes of feng shui, vastu, jyotish and even the paranormal influences us in such a way.  For those "unexplainable" interactions can be defined now as how one's basic makeup influences and is influenced by its surroundings.

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