Question with Reiki II

Know more about this Japanese form of energy healing.

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Question with Reiki II

Post by jenni » Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:56 am

The following is an excerpt from Peggy Jentoft's manual:

Healing Situations Connect to the situation in the usual way and follow the above routine.This program is amazingly effective at bringing to the surface and releasing hidden emotional issues - so forexample, if you (or a client) have been having a lot of accidents you might then send
healing to this situation using this program, but would connect to it along the lines of "theissue behind my recent accidents". Watch what happens around you - it may be that theissue is one that you are amazed has any connection.Releasing emotional and mental blockages anger etc.
hold your hand palms outward above your throat and heart and visualize or mentally drawthe Sei He Ki state your intention to release and remove the blocked energy or negativefeeling and then just allow Reiki to run as usual can be used for others as well as self.

Could anyone explain me in detail.
For example, I am sad. Do I need to draw chokurei on all the sides. Then Hon sha zen sho nen in front. State clearly as why am I sad and wait.
Then state I am happy?
Is it like this. Please elaborate. Tell all the steps used to heal a situation.


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Post by Evard » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:46 am

My non informative comment will be.. my opinion.. Reiki was a modern healing art of the transaction
of the viewers healing hands to the role the blockages amoung thought tension rest in the opein aum
chakras with regard the sinter (or stress center, thought) was the way ki maon wi lat~a did then arit,
gather with thought stress evading the emotion balance '' into center of mind body spirit emotive hul.
I'm not at all reiki trained.. it was the modern metaphysics new wicca thought about moving the pains
upon mind and physical untouched ailment (aliment) such as the way an invisible tightening did occur
upon the body and was laced within common the neck or shoulder (first) and the leg and dreams 2nd.
You will learn healing hands without bothering the psyche included with in fact thought stress collected
in muscle tension and the aura center (sinteina) near the common express more body than mind. Aum.
It s my opinion many people are brought to reiki and not as many (by alot) have mastered it as said it.

Humble and used to bandwagon~ing.. Your Speaker this reply.. B Evard ~druidic reika opinion. SaLah~

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