Know more about this Japanese form of energy healing.

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Post by symulhaque » Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:48 am

I want to know about Reiki? Plz, anyone can help me...

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Post by Susie Psychic » Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:17 pm

What do you want to know?

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Post by symulhaque » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:28 am

I do not have any knowledge about it. So i want to learn it from beginning.

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Post by cedars » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:12 pm

symulhaque wrote:I do not have any knowledge about it. So i want to learn it from beginning.
With respect, if you want to learn from the beginning, make a search on the internet and phrase your question such as: What is Reiki? The origins of Reiki. Or How does Reiki work?
.......... and you will get plenty of information to read about.

I am a Reiki Master myself but to answer a question such as the one you have posted, would take pages and pages of reading and typing material.

Here is a bit of info about Reiki the way I present it in my website:

This is a copyrighted material:

Reiki is a Japanese word, which means Universal Life Force Energy. It is the highest and purest vibration of Universal energy. It penetrates our energy system, also known as Chakras, so that our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual ‘network’ works with efficiency and harmony.

Reiki promotes deep relaxation and releases blockages within the physical, mental and the emotional systems. Once the blockages are removed, the person can then receive and store more energy in the body, accelerating one’s own energy vibration and the healing ability within.

Reiki is not a belief system or a religion; it is not a form of hypnosis or mind control.  Reiki does not address any disease or symptom directly and it does not interfere with medical treatment.

Reiki is a non-invasive, non-diagnostic and non-manipulative holistic therapy.

The Reiki healing method was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. It is said that this form of natural healing was being practised in Tibet and was rediscovered by Usui in the late 1800’s. It was brought to the West before the World War II (between 1937 and 1938) by an American citizen of Japanese ancestry  (Mrs. Hawayo Takata)  who had been herself healed by one of Usui’s students - Dr Hayashi. Usui taught that Reiki is both a spiritual and energy healing technique. This wonderful energy attracts positive changes in our lives and acts as a peaceful tool to help us relax and remain centred. Symptoms of illness or imbalance are strong messages that things are out of sync in our body’s energy system. Healing occurs with a change of consciousness at the spirit level. Without such a change we simply go over and over the same symptoms and create new and different ones hence giving way to ill health.

Reiki not only balances our personal energies, but it also harmonizes our ibration with that of the Universe thus bringing fundamental changes of consciousness and healing.

How does Reiki work?

The Reiki-attuned practitioner places his/her hands above the recipient’s energy centres, allowing Reiki to flow through their hands. The energy has intelligence of its own and knows where the healing needs to go. It never does any harm. The Reiki practitioner (who has been 'attuned' to Reiki through a process of initiation) is acting as the conduit for the Reiki energy - but not as the source.   Reiki healing usually brings about a slow, gradual improvement over a period of days and weeks. The ‘healing’ process does not come to an end once the therapy session is over.

How to prepare for Reiki?

For Reiki you do not need to take your clothes off. It is best to come wearing loose and comfortable clothing, free of tight belts or jeans. Depending on the time of year, you will be covered with a light blanket or more, if necessary.

The practitioner will have a chat about your reasons for wanting a Reiki treatment and what you aim to get out of it. Please be aware Reiki is not a substitute to conventional medicine and any results may or may not be visible within just one treatment. The healing process is a two-way exchange and the fact that you have come with an intent to receive healing is the first step for recovery.

It is best to have had a light meal before coming for a Reiki treatment and not to be under the influence of alcohol or any recreational drugs.  You should continue taking any prescribed medication by your doctor.

What to expect during and after treatment?

Unlike massage, Reiki does not involve touching the client. Some practitioners give Reiki by hovering their hands over the client’s aura and some prefer to touch lightly. A practitioner should always ask if the client has any objections to being touched. The Reiki touch is very subtle and it covers the various energy centres of the human body. Even when permission is given to touch, the client’s privacy will be respected and most practitioners would not touch areas such as the heart Chakra (chest area) and the Sacral Chakra (navel) areas. Practitioners would usually explain beforehand their own style of conducting a healing session.

During the treatment you may feel heat (and sometimes nothing) coming from the practitioner’s hands; tingly feelings around the area being treated, and sometimes people are known to have certain subtle twitches as the energy passes through, or perhaps nothing at all. The absence of any of these symptoms does not mean that Reiki is not being ‘passed on’. Each person’s experience with Reiki is different. You may fall asleep during the whole treatment and have your own dreams or some form of spiritual journey. You may see bright or colourful lights or simply nothing.

Reiki is conducted in silence and there is no conversation or chit-chat involved during the treatment. Most recipients close their eyes during the treatment and some do fall asleep. This is quite all right.

During the treatment certain Reiki symbols may be drawn invisibly or demonstratively over the recipient's energy centres or as and when the practitioner is drawn by intuition.

Once treatment is over, the practitioner will give you a gentle nudge on your arm or shoulder. You do not need to get up straight away. You will be offered a glass of water and then discuss the treatment session.

It is best to continue drinking water throughout the day, as the Reiki energy is still working in your system and will do so for days to come. You may feel calm and relaxed and hopefully have a good night’s sleep.

Please avoid heavy meals or alcohol on the day of your treatment.

This is the kind of inforamtion you will find on sites where practitioners such as myself talk briefly about their modalities which are offered.

If you want to learn more, then please follow what I have suggested above or ask your questions here and we will try and answer as best we can.

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Post by symulhaque » Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:42 pm

Thanks for your suggestions. I will follow your instructions.

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