The power of Ekadasi concerning past life sins

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The power of Ekadasi concerning past life sins

Post by erik » Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:42 am


I want to explain how a few days of fasting every two weeks relates to past life sins, first I wanna write about the past life experiences. There is a girl I am still chasing, she is apperantly my lost soul mate, her name was Diane, she died at the end of May 2007 at the age of 19.

I met her on a forum called Tagged in April 2007, I fell in love with her and wrote a few poems for her which are lost unfortunately. I never met her in real life, only in past lives. I heard of her passing away on June 2nd 2007 and cried a lot because of it, I was really sad. On that day I promised to stay faithful to her and not to engage in romantic behaviour with other girls, it was a promise I didn't keep, only the first three years, in 2010 I had some sex with a girl in the bungalow park not too far from where I was living at the time, I lived in the Belgian Ardennes.

Anyway, on that faithful day, June 2nd 2007, I was chanting Hare Krishna while I was very sad and suddenly I heard a woman's voice in my head saying my name in a surprised way, I thought it was Diane and I thought to had pierced through the barriers of space at that moment. I was so happy with this.

On December 26th 2008, at 7.30pm, I was chanting Hare Krishna and heard the following words in my mind:

"Erik, you like to write, don't you ? Well, write then !!"

And I wrote down a lot of past life experiences, in one life I met Diane somewhere in the early 1700's and this is the story which I heard in my mind on December 29th 2008 at 07.59pm:

"I see Iron Maiden's Eddy emerging from a mountain background, he is blue transparant and is bigger than the mountain itself, he looks evil.

I see the lower body of a man, he has a wooden lower leg like Pirates have.

Then I see a bunch of administrators or officemen, they are captured, they are from the 17th or early 18th century. They are nicely dressed and look neat and clean. They are standing in a row on a ship, on the deck.

Then a nice girl who screams in agony and gets pulled on the deck, she wears a dress and a long white wig.

The chief Pirate is inspecting her, his booty, and ticks with the sharp edge of his sword against her.

I see him putting his hand on his chin, so he thinks about what he will do with that girl.

He points his finger in the air and gets twinkles or sparks in his eyes, he came up with a plan !

A thought says : Prostitute

He rips away all of her clothing and she is naked, she hides her genitals with ther hands and is ashamed.

He tears away her wig and he punches her with a fist in her face

She has to do oral sex with him in front of all the men who happened to be on board. It is very much against her will.

She suddenly changes into a very old and ugly witch with a white wig on.

A thought says : Crystal clear

Another thought says : She curses the Pirate.

I see her uttering words against him and she holds her hand up, pointing her finger towards him.

A thought says : End of story & die hou je nog tegoed which means this one comes to you later.

She laughs in an evil way."

Then at 10.30pm I saw and heard the following during another meditation :

"In the right corner of my eye I see an ugly guy with a green head looking at me. He looks like a butler from the Adams Family.

Then a beautiful French queen, a young girl of around 18, dressed in a wonderful white silk dress from the 18th century.
She wears a white wig and looks at me very friendly, inviting and she is smiling at me.

A thought says : Sex

Another one says : She's chaste

She turns into a vampire, but she is still very attractive. She opens up her mouth ferocious and a scream comes out of her mouth.

Then she turns into the same beautiful queen again and with a movement of her head, like only women can do, like saying...Mh.., she walks away.

She holds out one hand to reach for mine and is still smiling at me, she wants to show me something.

A thought says : Future

She dissapears as she walks away.

I am under attack by werewolves like in the Van Helsing movie, they are not touching me.

The beautiful queen comes back and her face is expressing the thought : "Have you seen enough?"

I see a man with a white wig and red jacket at a desk and he is writing.

A thought says : It's you.

A ferocious werewolf steps into the room, breaking the window, disturbes is peaceful mind, the guy is in shock upon looking at this beast.

The man stands up and wants to pull out his sword on the left side of his jacket, only to find out that he hasn't got a sword.

A thought says : He is powerless and can't do nothing back.

The man stands paralyzed and behind the werewolf the queen appears, she took the form of the attractive but deadly vampire and is laughing at him.

The man sits down again.

A thought says : What do I have to do ?

Another one says : Record the CD and get famous, you bastard !

Thoughts are saying : You have to undergo this, it's your karma and you cannot escape it, but after this you will be brandnew again.

A thought says : She is the one who you forced to do oral sex with you on the ship.

Another thought says : End of story

I see her laughing at me

Another thought says : Paul !

Then another thought says : Do you understand now ?

End of inner visions and thoughts that weren't mine, so basicly this says that I have to undergo a lot of hardship because of the bad karma it holds. But there is more, in another life I killed Diane. It was in the time of the Celts and I was a Celtic hunter. I was searching for a prey in the forest and bumbed into a Celtic lady, I wanted to have sex with her and tried to rape her, but she fought back and punched me in the face and ran away. I ran after her and threw my spear in her back, I killed her, this was in Weris, a village in the Belgian Ardennes.

I saw this story also in inner visions and thoughts that weren't mine but I don't have the books anymore in which I wrote down all these stories. Then I met Diane in another past life. I had joined the Templars Knights in Medieval times in the Middle East and had adventures there, one of them was that I was caught by the muslims and been brought in a prison camp in the desert. I escaped with a few men and returned to my country in Europe, that was France. Also this came to me in inner visions and thoughts that weren't mine at the end of 2008. So I came home again and I was married (I was a confrater in the Templar Knights) and had a daughter. She had red hair. She must have been 12 years old and I looked at her in a different way. It turned out that I sexually abused her and she killed herself to show me that I ruined her life. I began to drink and began to beat up my wife. My reputation was completely destroyed and I raped a girl who was bathing in a lake and I was caught and they hanged me.

So you see, a lot of bad karma. And this was just Diane, I saw more.

Anyway, I am in the Hare Krishna movement and when I joined the organisation in July 2006 I slowly learned about a fasting day that was held every two weeks, it's called Ekadasi and on that day we fast from beans and grains. I found out about strict Ekadasi in the summer of 2007 and that is that you eat once the day before Ekadasi, don't eat on Ekadasi and eat once the day after Ekadasi, so basicly you don't eat for 48 hours.

I followed it rigidly for 5 years and gave the benefits to Diane, I fasted for her and somewhere in 2010 or early 2011 I was meditating and thinking about this, when I heard a voice in my mind saying:

"Goed gemaakt"

which is Dutch for:

"You made it up"

So I was very happy because I made up to Diane with giving her the benefits of my fasting for 5 years! Ekadasi nullified the sins that I commited in past lives towards Diane, so it is true what they say about Ekadasi, it burns all your sins away.

I will post the story of Ekadasi now for you to read if you are interested, I am still following Ekadasi, I stopped somewhere in the summer of 2012 and started again with it in June 2018 and today I follow it too, I have to stay awake two nights and I can eat again this Sunday:)

The Story of Ekadasi

From the 14th chapter of the Padma Purana, from the section entitled “Kriya-sagara-sara”.

Once the great sage Jaimini Rishi said to his spiritual master, “O Gurudeva! Previously, by your mercy, you described to me the history of the Ganga River, the benefits of worshiping Vishnu, the giving of grains in charity, the giving of water in charity, and the magnanimity of drinking water that has been used to wash the feet of the brahmanas. O best of sages, Sri Gurudeva, now, with great enthusiasm, I desire to hear of the benefits of fasting on Ekadasi and of the appearance of Ekadasi.”

“O Gurudeva! When did Ekadasi take birth and from whom did she appear? What are the rules of fasting on the day of Ekadasi? Please describe the benefits of following this vow and when it should be followed. Who is the utmost worshipable presiding deity of Sri Ekadasi? What are the faults in not observing Ekadasi properly? Please bestow your mercy upon me and tell about these subjects, as you are the only personality able to do so.”

Srila Vyasadeva, upon hearing this inquiry from Jaimini Rishi, became situated in transcendental bliss. “O brahmana sage Jaimini! The results of following Ekadasi can be perfectly described by the Supreme Lord, Narayana, because Sri Narayana is the only personality capable of describing them in full. But I will give a very brief description in answer to your question.”

“At the beginning of the material creation, the Supreme Lord created the moving and non-moving living entities within this world made of five gross material elements. Simultaneously, for the purpose of punishing the evil human beings, He created a personality whose form was the embodiment of the worst kinds of sin (Papa-purusha). The different limbs of this personality were constructed of various sinful activities. His head was made of the sin of murdering a brahmana, his two eyes were the form of drinking intoxicants, his mouth was made from the sin of stealing gold, his ears were the form of the sin of having illicit connection with the spiritual master’s wife, his nose was of the sin of killing one’s wife, his arms the form of the sin of killing a cow, his neck was made of the sin of stealing accumulated wealth, his chest of the sin of abortion, his lower chest of the sin of having sex with another’s wife, his stomach of the sin of killings one’s relatives, his navel of the sin of killing those who are dependent on him, his waist of the sin of egotistical self-appraisal, his thighs of the sin of offending the guru, his genitals of the sin of selling one’s daughter, his buttocks of the sin of telling confidential matters, his feet of the sin of killing one’s father, and his hair was the form of all sorts of less severe sinful activities. In this way, a horrible personality embodying all sinful activities and vices was created. His bodily color is black, and his eyes are yellow. He inflicts extreme misery upon sinful persons.

“The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu, upon seeing this personality of sin began to think to Himself as follows: ‘I am the creator of the miseries and happiness for the living entities. I am their master because I have created this personality of sin, who gives distress to all dishonest, deceitful and sinful persons. Now I must create someone who will control this personality’. At this time Sri Bhagavan created the personality of Yamaraja and the different hellish planetary systems. Those living entities who are very sinful will be sent after death to Yamaraja, who will in turn, according to their sins, send them to an appropritate hellish region to suffer.

“After these adjustments had been made, the Supreme Lord, who is the giver of distress and happiness to the living entities, went to the house of Yamaraja, with the help of Garuda, the king of birds. When Yamaraja saw that Lord Vishnu had arrived, he immediately washed His feet and made an offering unto Him. He then had Him sit upon a golden throne. The Supreme Lord Vishnu became seated upon the throne, whereupon He heard very loud crying sounds from the southern direction. He became surprised by this and inquired of Yamaraja, ‘From where is this loud crying coming?’

“Yamaraja in reply said, ‘O Deva! The different living entities of the earthly planetary systems have fallen to the hellish regions. They are suffering extremely for their misdeeds. The horrible crying is because of suffering from the inflictions of their past bad actions.’

“After hearing this the Supreme Lord Vishnu went to the hellish region to the south. When the inhabitants saw who had come they began to cry even louder. The heart of the Supreme Lord Vishnu became filled with compassion. Lord Vishnu thought to Himself, ‘I have created all this progeny, and it is because of Me that they are suffering.’”

Vyasadeva continued: “O Jaimini, just listen to what the Supreme Lord did next. After the merciful Supreme Lord thought over what He had previously considered, He suddenly manifested from His own form the deity of the lunar day Ekadasi. Afterward, the different sinful living entities began to follow the vow of Ekadasi and were then elevated quickly to the abode of Vaikuntha. O my child Jaimini, therefore the lunar day of Ekadasi is the selfsame form of the Supreme Lord, Vishnu, and the Supersoul within the heart of the living entities. Sri Ekadasi is the utmost pious activity and is situated as the head among all vows.

“Following the ascension of Sri Ekadasi, that personality who is the form of sinful activity gradually saw the influence that she, Ekadasi, had. Thus, he approached Lord Vishnu with doubts in his heart and began offering many prayers, whereupon Lord Vishnu became very pleased and said, ‘I have become very pleased by your nice offerings. What boon is it that you want?’

“The Papa-purusha replied, “I am Your created progeny, and it is through me that you wanted distress given to the living entities who are very sinful. But now, by the influence of Sri Ekadasi, I have become all but destroyed. O Prabhu! After I die all of Your parts and parcels who have accepted material bodies will become liberated and return to the abode of Vaikuntha (the spiritual domain). If this liberation of all living entities takes place, then who will carry on Your activities? There will be no one to enact the pastimes in the earthly planetary systems! O Keshava! If you want these eternal pastimes to carry on, then You please save me from the fear of Ekadasi. No type of pious activity can bind me. But Ekadasi only, being Your own manifested form, can impede me. Out of fear of Sri Ekadasi I have fled and taken shelter of men; animals; insects; hills; trees; moving and non-moving living entities; rivers; oceans; forests; heavenly, earthly and hellish planetary systems; demigods; and the Gandharvas. I cannot find a place where I can be free from the fear of Sri Ekadasi. O my Master! I am a product of Your creation, so therefore very mercifully direct me to a place where I can reside fearlessly.’”

Vyasadeva then said to Jaimini, “After saying this, the embodiment of all sinful activities (Papa-purusha) fell down at the feet of the Supreme Lord Vishnu, who is the destroyer of all miseries and began to cry.

“After this, Lord Vishnu, observing the condition of the Papa-purusha, with laughter began to speak thus: ‘O Papa-purusha, rise up! Don’t lament any longer. Just listen, and I’ll tell you where you can stay on the lunar day of Ekadasi. On the date of Sri Ekadasi, which is the benefactor of the three planetary systems, you can take shelter of foodstuffs in the form of grains. There is no reason to worry about this any more, because My form as Sri Ekadasi will no longer impede you.’ After giving direction to the Papa-purusha, the Supreme Lord Vishnu disappeared and the Papa-purusha returned to the performance of his own activities.

“Therefore, those persons who are serious about the ultimate benefit of the soul will never eat grains on Ekadasi. According to the instructions of Lord Vishnu, every kind of sinful activity that can be found in the material world takes its residence in this place of (grains) foodstuff. Whoever follows Ekadasi is freed from all sins and never enters into the hellish regions. If one doesn’t follow Ekadasi because of illusion, he is still considered the utmost sinner. For every mouthful of grain that is eaten by a resident of the earthly region (on Ekadasi), one receives the effect of killing millions of brahmanas. It is definitely necessary that one give up eating grains on Ekadasi. I very strongly say again and again, ‘On Ekadasi, do not eat grains, do not eat grains, do not eat grains!’ Whether one be a kshatriya, vaishya, shudra, or of any family, he should follow the lunar day of Ekadasi. From this the perfection of varna and ashrama will be attained. Especially since if one (even) by trickery follows Ekadasi, all his sins become destroyed and he very easily attains the supreme goal, the abode of Vaikuntha.”
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