Are we in danger?

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Are we in danger?

Post by MacyQueen » Sun Jul 04, 2010 4:12 pm

If you could, qwould you please please please check this out on YahooAnswers
Me and a friend are worried we are in danger and are confused as to what the spirit is
Thank you ... 858AAXXGO7

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Post by spiritalk » Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:24 pm

You are going to have to tell your story one step at a time to see if it is spirit or something else.  Be calm and tell us what you did and how it manifested.
God bless, J

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Post by CityHunter » Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:40 am

Do describe the encounter step by step.  Not familiar with what an angel board is.  Could you post a photo or link to one?

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