Ghosts are not the only paranormal phenomena

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Ghosts are not the only paranormal phenomena

Post by eye_of_tiger » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:41 pm

If you have ever watched movies or TV programs with a paranormal theme, you could easily get the mistaken idea that the only paranormal phenomena worth discussing or investigating must necessarily involve noisy and scary ghosts, violent hauntings and tortured souls. The more noisy and violent and dramatic and "supernatural" the phenomenon appears to the audience, the better the program's ratings and the more it gets talked about in the media, and exaggerated in their fertile imaginations.

At least In this thread, we are not interested in hearing about or discussing such noisy, scary and violent paranormal events as those described above.

We are much more interested in hearing from members who have experienced the far less dramatic, less noisy, scary or violent unexplained by what we currently understand as the physical laws of this universe phenomena.

For example many years ago I owned one of these expensive shortwave radios with an LED digital frequency readout (a National Panasonic RF4800/DR48).

Whenever I was close to it, the frequency readout went crazy and the numbers changed rapidly as if someone else invisible was interfering with it.

And the stations being heard changed along with the frequency shown. I called my wife into the room as a witness to it happening.

Yet when I left the room and my wife watched the display, the frequency readout never changed at all.

It was sent to a professional radio technician who was living on the other side of the city in which we live for just over a week and sat on his bench, and nothing which he could do would make the frequency change by itself, like it often did when I was around.

Finally after becoming highly frustrated with this strange behaviour, I sold the receiver to a young friend while at the same time warning him that this strange thing had happened to me, and I reduced the selling price accordingly.

Guess what?

It never happened again! :smt013

Have you ever had something much less dramatic than a ghostly haunting happen to you which you could not easily explain with a normal, physical explanation?

In other words, do you believe that it was a paranormal phenomenon or event?

How did this event change your beliefs about what is possible?

Have a nice day,

Brian :smt039

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