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What Is The Mind?

An age old question – ‘What is the mind’?
The flow of thoughts and mental images?
That by which these we process and find?
There are many definitions, running to pages …

“The faculty of consciousness and thought”,
“The ability to reason and think”,
“A person’s memory”, some that are ‘taught’ (1)
By the OED, and these we can link.

Thus forming a seeming separate entity,
Making it of each "the distinguishing feature,
Related to self-consciousness and identity" (2)
Unique and different in each living creature.

I tend to use the ‘mind’ as meaning mental knowing,
The faculty by which we ‘see’ our thoughts and sensation,
And process these, from which outcomes are flowing;
An instrument, with which there’s no true identification.

That which scans of Awareness the screen,
Looking for mind-stuff and perceptions to process,
Which it rates of those that have ‘been’,
So that by this it can our life’s problems assess.

For we experience all that which mind and senses input,
Appearing in Awareness, the perceiving presence,
Which is also the witness of the resulting output,
Coming from solutions arising from the assessments.

This constant, conscious, subjective presence,
Is unmoved by what occurs to our physical being,
Consciousness at rest – our deepest essence,
In Which thoughts and sensations we’re ‘seeing’.

1/ These three are from the Oxford English Dictionary.
2/ This definition is from the Penguin Encyclopaedia

A new poem based on a chapter of "'Enlightenment Is For All'. For more see comment on photos.

Colin Drake
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