What I do to get rid of negative feelings and over reacting. :)

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What I do to get rid of negative feelings and over reacting. :)

Post by kailin » Wed 20 Nov, 2019 8:17 am

So I wrote this because this is what I do in this type of situation and I can deal with other people being rude, mean or yelling at me without being affected by it negatively or letting it drag me to the negative, or say anything negative to them back.

This just works for me but I thought I'd share it to see if it works for you, if it doesn't then just ignore, but I feel I have discovered a tool that might help others as well as it helps me. :)

If someone says something rude to you intentionally it's usually because they are angry, and when someone's angry they fault find. Don't get involved in their messiness.

If your angry by what they said go into another room and imagine anything negative you feel passing through you (passing through you forwards or backwards or up or down, let it pass through you naturally with each thought, don't force it. And let that energy flow wherever it flows), don't allow those feelings to stay trapped in your body because that's what causes you to stew in the emotion, and ask God, Angel's, whatever you believe in to take those feelings that you imagine passing through your body to the light to be turned into something positive. If you don't believe in God you can just imagine the feeling passing through you and you can imagine it turning into something positive, or you can even imagine that energy going into the earth ( for grounding ). Whichever is easier.

This is what I do when I start to feel negative and it helps tremendously. I use to take so many things personally and stew in my emotions but now it's rare that I do that..

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