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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:32 am

Eyes of Perception:

You can only think what you think and react as you react because the conditioning in place is in control, and no matter how much you think you choose what you do, there is no choice...

Life is always as it is. We create our reality of life through the conditioned eyes of perception. You think what you think, you react as you react because the conditioning in place tells you to do so, there is no choice here. Until you get a clear picture of this conditioning, the eyes of perception will simply do what they’re designed to do and that’s control you. Perception shapes your life and unfortunately it takes you away from what’s really happening. The reality that most people see is a delusional one because it’s base on conditioned attachments. If these attachments (which are in place as perception) weren’t there, the view of life would be through eyes that see a clear truth. What creates this perception is all the influenced conditioning that begins as an infant. An infant has two fears, falling and loud noises, everything else is conditioning which leads to creating delusional perceptions.

Everything is conditioning until one becomes aware of this. The pacifier perception is one of the more deeply engrained conditions. The only thing that changes as a person ages is the pacifier changes it’s shape, but the same function of reaching for a pacifier last throughout one’s life, that is unless one becomes aware of this. Perception can’t change if the conditioning that makes the eyes see as they do doesn’t change, but for most the change will just be using another pacifier; that is until there’s a deep awareness of this. Most people just change perceptions, but true change occurs when the eyes of perception are no longer in control and the clear eyes without attachment take over.

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