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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:21 am

Honouring The Obvious

I was tempted to call my first book
‘The Bleeding Obvious’, as its contents
Are in plain sight, everywhere we look,
Pointing to the perceiver of the senses.

That which ‘sees’ sensations and thought,
Awareness the constant perceiving presence,
Ever here, never needing to be sought
Our innermost, fundamental, vital essence.

The ‘seer’ of every experience we have had,
And by which our body and mind we ‘know’.
That which is unmoved by ‘good’ or ‘bad’,
The witness of this life’s whole ‘movie show’.

So Awareness is the essential core
Of physicality, which is an ever changing flow,
Of thoughts/sensations, always more
Appearing in That which doesn’t come and go.

When this is seen and we realize,
That we are indeed Awareness Pure,
We need to honour and not trivialize
This knowing, so that we can be sure.

For the mind has so long been in charge,
As the master and with which we identify,
That it will see many obstacles at large
To this ‘knowing’ and it try to mystify.

To honour this don’t believe a single thought,
Simply notice that of them you’re effortlessly aware,
And this seeing them as fleeting objects ought
To remind you that, as Awareness, you haven’t a care.

A new poem based on chapter seventeen of 'Ripples In The Lake Of Eternity'.

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