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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:25 am

Nonduality and Christianity

This poem was stimulated by the graduating address given by the principal of a theological college which led me to examining the resonances between Christianity and Nonduality.

At a Christian college graduating address,
The principal called on the student body,
To be totally bold, dangerous and fearless,
In overcoming injustice and inequality.

To oppose materialism and greed,
And deride the expectation of more and more.
When awake, as Awareness, there’s no need,
For this makes one ‘rich’ and fulfilled, not poor.

To struggle against evil and exploitation,
Of others and of God’s wonderful creation,
But where there is correct identification,
Everything is seen to be God’s manifestation.

To defy the powerful who oppress the weak,
And the rich who oppress the poor.
The ‘awake’, seeing ‘all as one’, never seek,
To oppress ‘others’, the same at the core.

To denounce self-interest and the trampling of others,
Even in pursuit of high sounding ideals.
Identified with Awareness one regards all as ‘brothers’,
Showing empathy for how any ‘other’ feels.

Also awakening produces wonderful outcomes,
Compassion and agape, for all are of the same essence,
Discrimination and non-clinging which overcomes
Discontent; leaving feelings of joy and munificence.

So from the categories that Christians should oppose,
By awakening one is spontaneously removed,
Then ‘love of your neighbour’, words that Jesus chose,
Occurs when by correct identification one is ‘moved’

Colin Drake
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