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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:28 am

Seeing Is Believing

Many people rate spiritual experience,
To be of more value than direct seeing,
But investigation can reveal the essence,
Pure Awareness, at the core of each being.

About this, Jnana Yoga, Sankara said:
‘The true form of Reality should be known,
By one’s own clear understanding’ (not read),
Then what’s discovered one can truly own.

For if this moment we directly investigate,
Fleeting thoughts, images, and sensations,
Occurring in Awareness, a presence not a state,
By which we perceive these manifestations.

This has been present since our birth,
Witnessing the experiential flow,
Of our whole lives upon this earth;
And only This does not come and go.

So within this what is our true identity?
Not body or mind which continually change,
Awareness is the only constant Reality,
Unaffected as circumstances rearrange.

So This is what we truly ‘are’,
Once by the mind this is clearly seen,
Misidentification can no longer mar
Our lives, now somewhat like a dream.

Then the mind becomes our friend,
For this ‘seeing’ leads to truly believing,
That upon which we can depend,
Pure Awareness needing no retrieving.

Poem from 'Poetry From The Happiness That Needs Nothing'
based on chapter twenty of ,The Happiness That Needs Nothing'.

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