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Post by Pravin Kumar » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:51 am

The Radiance Of Awareness

When self-inquiry takes place,
Looking deep within beyond body/mind,
‘Who am I?’ we must face,
In the radiant Awareness we find.

This is like an effortless backlit screen,
On which the question appears,
By viewing which the mind can glean
That in which an interest ‘rears’.

For there to be perception of any thing
It must be ‘illuminated’ to be detected,
By the radiance Awareness can bring,
Thus it’s not overlooked or rejected.

Not physical light, for resting Consciousness,
Which is Awareness – the unmanifest,
Has been called a ‘deep dazzling darkness’,
By which one can perceive the manifest.

So when we ask ‘who am I?’
We find absolutely Nothing there,
Which is we see, by and by,
Radiant, pristine, ever aware.

In this Pure Awareness all things must arise,
Still and serene, totally unaffected,
Where they abide and in Which is their demise,
By Whose radiance they are detected.

Radiant Awareness,
Consciousness at rest,
By Whose Dazzling Darkness,
All is seen which manifests.

A new poem based on a chapter of 'Ripples In The Lake Of Eternity'.

Colin Drake
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