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Post by Pravin Kumar » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:53 am

Attach Less Suffer Less:

The need to search for a so called spiritual path is there because one wants to feel better and suffer less, but why there’s a search to begin with is because of the attachment to feel better.

Not feeling well mentally is a Conditioned Mind creation and the suffering this causes is a direct result of attaching to the label “not feeling well”. Attach less and you will suffer less. This not attaching takes nothing to occur, it’s simply a matter of not adding the things that cause suffering, with the main thing being not adding attachment. Suffering has nothing to do with what happens, learning to not attach to the things that cause suffering has everything to do if one is to suffer or not. Although the results of what happens affect you at times because of attachment, most times what happens doesn’t happen to you it happens to someone else; even though it doesn’t really happen to anyone, it just happens. This isn’t said to ignore what happens, it’s said because it becomes a tool to use to see how its the attachment and not the actual event that causes suffering.

Many unpleasant circumstances arise and even some horrific things occur, but on the opposite side some beautiful things also happen. The key here is to take them all the same so the unbalanced attached emotions don’t arise and allow the arisen circumstances to control you. From birth to death and all the things in between, emotions will arise and there will be attachment to them, the only difference in them will be how much attachment there is. Attach less and you will suffer less or not and allow the arisen circumstances to control you as if you were an emotional puppet on a string...

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