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Post by Pravin Kumar » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:24 am

Awareness is Nothing Special

Awareness nothing special is,
Nondual there is only This.
Which effortlessly facilitates
Experience of ephemeral states.

Every object comes and goes,
Resting in its sweet repose.
So more extra-ordinary are they,
Than This, present come what may …

Underlying the universe,
And manifestation so diverse,
In Which things arise and reside,
Back into Which they all subside.

Abiding in its natural state,
Our consciousness so innate.
This which informs the mind
Of that which in the world we ‘find’.

Alas the usual ego-state,
Tends Awareness to under-rate.
Searching for something more exotic,
Than this which we need not ‘pick’.

Far and wide does the mind roam,
Deluded, missing its true home.
Seeking what’s already here
Closer than close, nearer than near.

Just like a confused cattle drover,
Not realizing the search is over,
Whose herd he has already found,
Out seeking their tracks upon the ground!

Based on chapter five of Beyond The Separate Self.

Colin Drake.
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