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Post by Pravin Kumar » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:12 am

Clinging to Being Human:

Not only is to err human, it’s also inevitable. It's the clinging to our humanness that causes attaching to wanting things different which in turn causes one to cling to their own suffering...

If you really want to know what humanities basic error is that keeps most clinging to their own suffering, it's attaching to being human. It's not that we aren't human or that we'll be able to transcend our humanness, it's more so to find a way to embrace it, but not to cling to it; clinging to humanness in some way always causes suffering. It doesn't have to be attached to, but it will take developing discipline for the mind to see this. It's seems to be human to want things different and it's always attaching to the story of being human that causes suffering. This is true regardless of what's wanted different.

It's always the human self that wants something different and it's this charade of clinging to being human that pulls one into suffering. Last week I ordered a shirt on line and when it was delivered I tried it on and it didn't fit. By my initial reaction you would have thought I was going to have to go shirtless; this was simply because I didn't accept the fact the shirt didn't fit. This is what clinging to being human does and when I saw how childish this wanting things different was it fell away and I was able to get an exchange for the shirt. You can substitute the shirt with anything and you'll get the same childish results of suffering. This is all because not only is it human to err, but it's also the clinging to our humanness that one attaches to wanting things different which in turn causes one to cling to their own suffering...
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