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Post by Pravin Kumar » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:02 am

A Welcomed Emptiness:

The Conditioned Mind creates a lie that when there’s space it needs filling. The heart understands this space as emptiness and until it’s realized it doesn’t need filling, the lie will remain in place.

For many years I had this misunderstood emptiness (space) in me that was created from the lie that I lacked love and that's why I constantly reached for stuff to fill it; this is no longer the case because this is now understood. This emptiness isn't emptiness at all, its simply space which is the essence of life. It's where life happens when one is busy making other plans. By not understanding this I spent most of my life trying to fill an empty space with whatever I could get my hands on. This filling is endless as to what can be used so each individual has to investigate for themselves what that is. It's ironic because now most of my life is life is spent in the space that for so long I considered an unwelcomed emptiness. Understanding this and not needing to fill the space is the truth that has been revealed to me.

To fill this unwelcomed emptiness is the reason why anyone reaches for anything and it’s because they want the space to be different, hence the filling. If this space was understood for what it truly is, humanity would be much different because contentment would be the way of the world. The needing to fill this space is a lie the Conditioned Mind invents and it keeps one constantly needing the present moment different. This keeps one reaching as the needing to fill the emptiness remains in place. This will need to be understood if the reaching is to ever end. When it is, the space transforms to a welcomed emptiness because the present moment doesn't have to be different, and when the present moment doesn't have to be different, life reveals its true essence of space, which doesn't need to be filled with anything because it's not empty.
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